Friday, July 21, 2017

Audio Recording: HBC Special Report: Untold History of Punk Rock 10-The Four Horses Asses Saddle Up

Audio Recording: 'HBC Special Report-UHOPR 10-The Four Horses A...' From 'Hoax Busters: Conspiracy ...': HBC Special Report-UHOPR 10-The Four Horses Asses Saddle Up

I couldn't get the audio to embed but Chris has it on his post, HERE

 In this episode of the Untold History of Punk Rock, Richdstroi, Kyle
Mason, Nino Tueheneaux, John Adams(The Four Horses Asses of the
Apocalypse) and Chris Kendall, discuss-Harley Flanagan, The Cromags, Lee
Harvey Oswald, Robert Anton Wilson, Disordianism, Whitier California,
Skinheads, American History X, Nazi Symbolism, Planned Parenthood,
Kerista Utopian Community,Abacus Computers, Joan Jett, Heavens Gate
Cult, The Anarchist Cookbook, William Powell, Poor Mans James Bond, Kool
A.D., Claire Sterling, H.L. Hunt, St. John Hunt, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix,
Ian MacKaye, Fear on Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, Al Jourgensen,
Pale Head, Gibby Haynes, Johnny Depp, Flea, Timothy Leary, Philip K
Dick, Ancient Aliens, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Rick Rubin, Bob Rock, The
Mansion (recording studio), Love and Rockets, Maynard James Keenan, The
Americans, Oppo Research, Russia, Goodnight Alt-right(Music Video),
Edwin Meese, Jeff Nelson.

Intro Music: Four Horsemen by the Clash

Outro Music: The Four Horsemen Theme Song (WCW), Octopus by Kool A.D.


  1. Well done Four Horses! What outstanding research. You uncovered how soooo many punk rockers are connected to higher ups in the military. That is just plain creepy. Is that just coincidence theory or is there some guiding force behind it?

    Lenon Honor has also done outstanding research in Hip Hop and Rap and has also come to the conclusion that there is a hidden hand controlling the music industry in America when it comes to the Hip Hop and Rap and the like. The hidden hand's purpose seems to be to encourage degradation in the African American community. Seems like the Four Horses have found similar degradation themes in punk driven by a hidden hand.

    I got to thinking, how meany genres of music, when properly investigated, will have the same themes of degradation and the control of a hidden hand? Simon and Garfunkel, thought they were alright? Most of their lyrics are about cheating on a loved one, suicide, depression, dying, loss, not generally an uplifting set of songs.

    1. Yes, Bridge over Troubled Water was played at decades worth of weddings for people walking down the aisle and it's about Heroin.


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