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NEW PAPER, added 3/16/17, NRO2. My guest writer is back with a second long addendum about NRO. This is a tack-on to my paper of a month ago about the nuclear program. He analyzes more fun government patches, among other things, and I teach you how a pyramid is like a volcano!

Your comments made me think more about this whole thing, so I did some urther research. Those patches just scream for analysis. As I said previously, the dark arrow on the first patch is placed over the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. And so is the arrow below it.

We both already looked at Ascension, but what about the other islands? First, I wonder why Napoleon was exiled by the British in 1815 to Saint Helena, one of the most remote places on the planet? And why was a military garrison maintained on the island of Tristan da Cunha (its capital is regarded as the most remote permanent settlement on Earth from the nearest other human settlement, on Saint Helena) as a guard against any French attempts to rescue Napoleon, who was imprisoned on Saint Helena, 2,173 km (1,350 mi) away? It sounds ridiculous.

 [Miles: Yes, St. Helena is curious. The Wiki page is stiff with numerology. Given my paper on Napoleon, I would say there is no chance he was ever imprisoned there. The story makes no sense from the first word. We are told that, in fear of the Prussians, he demanded asylum from the British. What? Since when can you demand asylum from the enemy you have just been fighting for months? Obviously, they wanted to make everyone think Napoleon was stranded on a desert island, so that when they saw someone who looked just like him walking through the streets of London or Paris with a coffee and a croissant, they would tell themselves it couldn't be. It would also be impossible to confirm. Not even the top newspapers would wish to send a reporter halfway across the Atlantic to check the story, much less your average person. Napoleon was just an agent retired in 1815, since it was time to bring Louis back. When he allegedly died five years later, the Brits supposedly still wouldn't let him leave the island. Why? Probably because they didn't want to risk an autopsy or investigation. In other words, they kidnapped the body. That's what we always see in these hoaxes. Like all the others, this one is explained the same way: the body wasn't Napoleon.

The island was also run by the East India Company since 1658, when it was basically gifted to them by Cromwell. Another red flag flapping in the same direction.]

 Second, it seems the white arrow below the dark one is placed over the Tristan da Cunha archipelago. Why? Well, the main island (of the same name) “is located in the South Atlantic Anomaly, an area of the Earth with an abnormally weak magnetic field [your paper on this]. On 14 November 2008 a geomagnetic observatory was inaugurated on the island as part of a joint venture between the Danish Meteorological Institute and DTU Space.” You mentioned magnetism in the main paper on the nuclear program. Does this anomaly stand out somehow? Also, Operation Argus, a series of US nuclear weapons tests and missile tests, which are related to the anomaly, was secretly conducted in 1958 [a year before the launch of the first NRO spy satellite – and we saw a lot of antennas on Ascension Island] over the South Atlantic Ocean.

The first permanent settler was Jonathan Lambert, from Salem, Massachusetts who supposedly arrived at the islands in 1810 – this reminds me on your paper on Salem. He definitely wasn’t a poor guy.

 Another of its islands is the Gough Island, which is “uninhabited except for the personnel of a weather station (usually six people) which the South African National Antarctic Programme has maintained continually on the island since 1956. It is one of the most remote places with a constant human presence”. Interestingly, according to some historians, the English merchant Anthony de la Roché was the first to land on the island in 1675 (you mentioned the surname Roche as a variant of Rockefeller in your main paper).

Although all three parts of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha were formed by volcanic activity, only the Tristan da Cunha group of islands is supposedly volcanically active at the moment. You wrote that a volcano may act like a pyramid. How, why?

[Miles: I should have said a pyramid acts like a volcano, since the volcano came first. A volcano is a volcano because it transmits energy from below the crust, in the form of heat, magma, fire, and eruptions. Volcanos generally inhabit seams in the crust, as is known. So they are positioned on a release point for the charge field. Heat is charge and charge is heat, so the volcano is also a major release point for focused charge. If you wished to tap the charge field, the space above a volcano would be a good place to do it. The pyramid, which is shaped roughly like a volcano, does the same thing on a smaller scale, especially if it is well placed. It focuses the upcoming charge field like a lens. The Great Pyramid is 30N for a reason. The charge field peaks at that latitude. Cairo may also be above a release point of some sort, although I haven't studied that. Just a guess. You want to find a place the Earth is already focusing charge, then focus it more with the pyramid. In that case you will have created a little faux-volcano, from which you can draw energy quite easily.

Once they have soaked us all they can with fossil fuels, they will have to tap the charge field for the rest of us. They are likely creating profit schemes for that as we speak. Although the energy should be free, I don't expect it will be. This is why I am not too concerned about an energy crisis. All that is just fear mongering. There are so many untapped energy sources like this, we couldn't run out of energy in a million years. And, as you see, they already know how to tap them. The tech is already in place. It has been in place for thousands of years.

As for your question about the South Atlantic Anomaly, it “stands out” for the same reason. It is a charge anomaly. It is pointing to another seam or charge high.]

 When I was searching for the patch photo that you used in the NRO paper, I stumbled upon these NRO patches:

You can see the “arrow” or boomerang from the first patch again, and at least the left patch seems to point again at the Atlantic Ocean (Ascension Island etc.). The left one also features three loops, or six points, which reminds me on your comment that the correct shape of the nucleus/atom has six points (hexagram) of channeling. Of course, if you ask them what those loops mean, they will tell you they are satellite orbits. And if you ask them what the big arrow represents, they would probably tell you it’s a part of the owl’s eyes from the patch on the previous page. So, now we have at least two NRO patches featuring a six-pointed “atom”.

The left patch is being sold on eBay, under the title “USAF Air Force Military Black Ops Area 51 Onyx Satellite You Can Run NRO Patch” – remember that the NRO works with the USAF, that Area 51 has been associated with the UFOs, and that the UFOs are actually classified high technology, as admitted by the BBC. The description of the patch was taken from the book I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to Be Destroyed By Me: Emblems from the Pentagon's Black World by Trevor Paglen. He’s listed under the Cinematography section of Citizenfour, a documentary film about Edward Snowden.  Hmmm …

In his book, Paglen refers to the NRO as a “United States ‘black’ space agency”, and as a “secret version of NASA” in his interviews and lectures. It seems the US actually has “two space programs”. Indeed, while NASA was founded in 1958, the NRO was supposedly founded in 1961 (see end of paper for more on this connection). I guess the agents from the conspiracy community were not lying about the secret space program.

Although he keeps saying that the other program deals with satellites, this is what he says in his book, after having talked with a Peter Merlin, an “aerospace archaeologist” (probably a fictitious name, remember “Merlin” doing his magic on one of the previous NRO patches?):

“And this,” he told me as he opened a notebook filled with scanned images of military patches, “is called ‘patch intel.’.” [...] The lightning bolts, he told me, meant specific things in specific contexts [Note: electronic warfare according to the author, or the charge field probably according to you]; the numbers of stars on an image might represent a unit number or an operating location [Note: six stars on such patches, one separated from the other five, are supposedly a reference to Area 51, where prototypes are being tested]; the symbols on a patch could be clues to the purpose of a hidden program or a cover story designed to divert attention away from the program. These symbols, Merlin explained to me, were a language. If you could begin to learn its grammar, you could get a glimpse into the secret world itself. [...] Simply put, the military has patches for almost everything it does. Including, curiously, for programs, units, and activities that are officially secret.

What is also curious is that in his analysis of the owl eyes patch, he doesn’t mention Ascension Island and other islands in that area, nor the small arrows that could, therefore, represent the boomerang-shaped UFOs, as the one seen in Phoenix, or the V-shaped aircraft seen by UFO witnesses.

Another pretty telling thing is his reponse to a question from a listener (minute 50:08) during his lecture at Google's HQ in 2009. A woman asked him about the conspiracy theorists and Art Bell (former radio host at Coast to Coast AM) talking about Area 51, wondering if there is any shread of truth to this. He replied by saying that he interviewed a guy working there for a long time and asked him about the UFO rumours, only to find out that those stories – about little green men UFOs, black helicopters etc. – were “God's gift to the Air Force”, since they invented them to make the impression that whoever talked about classified aircraft ended up being looked at as crazy.

Thanks, pal, if I only knew that in 2009! That's actually the year I fell into the pit of all the conspiracy stuff on the internet. I find it interesting that after eight years, there are only 34k views of this video (plus, the comments are disabled), and I never heard of this guy until today. I haven't seen him participating at big conspiracy conferences or being interviewed by different conspiracy radio hosts, or being recommended by anyone relevant in the alternative community, even though he was a three-time guest at Coast to Coast AM, one of the premier spook radio stations. In this presentation, he also explains how he found out which contractors act like fake companies for these black projects, revealing fake company HQs and fake names of top officers.

[Yes, he is obviously a plant, and these people aren't planted to divulge the truth. If NRO is a second NASA, then it is probably a second money pit. This guy is planted to make you think they may at least be doing something interesting with your money, but most of it is probably misdirection. I think they do have new planes, but these planes aren't that esoteric or hightech: they are just the next step past what you know about. In other words, it isn't Star Trek tech, using wormholes, warp drives, or immediate point-to-point transport, it is just faster, quieter, and less visible planes. What is weird is not the tech, but that they aren't sharing the tech with the public. It looks like it has non-military uses, like transporting billionaires, but they don't wish to make the tech public because it is more profitable not to.]

Speaking of aircraft, during this research, I stumbled upon a Blackstar spacecraft which is supposedly a codename of a secret US orbital spaceplane system. It is said that the “USAF's Space Command was unaware of Blackstar, suggesting it was operated by an intelligence agency such as the National Reconnaissance Office”. Blackstar is described as a “two stage to orbit system, comprising a high-speed jet ‘mothership’ aircraft” and it is speculated that “such a spacecraft could also have offensive military capabilities, a concept colloquially known as ‘The Space Bomber’”. For me, it doesn’t matter what kind of psyop are they playing here, but the alleged high-speed ‘space bomber’ jet aircraft being operated by the NRO is another clue that they don’t deal only with satellites.

This is also supported by one of their own official videos on YT. Even though you mentioned that the names in that seventies’ organisational chart looked faked to you, they tell us that the “aircraft projects” supposedly started in 1962. Although they put focus on the spying nature of these airplanes, remember what Paglen said: the NRO is supposed to be the secret version of NASA, one of the two space programs, and NASA doesn’t deal with spying, does it, but with (fake) flights to the Moon and the like. Think about it. And NASA’s tech is actually supposed to be NRO’s old tech. (Note that the NRO as a whole is a joint CIA-AF project.)

Furthermore, in the Discovery Channel’s documentary Spies Above from 1996, they admit that since “the rocket launches were too big and too unusual to go unnoticed in the fifties, they had to hide the Corona satellite in plain sight – the Discoverer space exploration project served as its cover story”. And “most workers at the Vandenberg [AFB] and Lockheed, like the press, were told that Discoverer was a biomedical research project that would carry mice and monkeys into orbit. Since space missions were complex and compartmentalized, it was easy to keep people confused”. What is also interesting is that “the procurement and maintenance of the Corona satellites was managed by the CIA, which used cover arrangements to get access to the Palo Alto plant of the Hiller Helicopter Corporation for the production”. There’s Hiller again. And who was cooperating with Hiller at that time? Lockheed, although you don’t find any mention of Hiller on Lockheed’s Wiki page.

This is “Lockheed's covert ‘advanced projects’ facility at Hiller Aircraft” in Menlo Park, California (NRO, p. 41). Here’s some more:

Therefore, I can assume that such methods have been applied also to the production of the “UFOs”.

Another thing Paglen mentions in his book is where to find references to Pentagon’s black budget. If you go to the DoD Comptroller’s website, you can find the following terms in one of their Research Development, Test & Evaluation Programs’ reports, including the amount of money spent: Space Application Advanced Technology, Advanced Spacecraft Technology, Classified Programs. You also find Maui Space Surveillance System, which reminded me of your remark about Hawaii (remote, having a volcano, just like the Ascension Island, and strong military presence). “Government research groups and high technology companies have discovered that Maui has a business environment favourable for growth in those sectors as well.” There’s the Maui Research and Technology Center that deals also with astronomy, and the Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing site, which includes the High Performance Computing Center, Advanced Electro-Optical Telescope, Maui Space Surveillance System, and one of three Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance sites.

 Finally, here’s another interesting patch:

According to Paglen, this patch is from the Phillips Laboratory Military Spaceplane Technology (MIST) Program Office at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.

This is what I found on KAFB's Wiki page:

 We see a craft flying out of the Solar Sytem there, but it is drawn as a Devil's tail, isn't it? And why only two small planets in an 8-planet system? Our Solar System has four small planets, not two. Don't you think they know that? And note the AF Research Laboratory’s logo on the right – 5 stars on the left and 1 on the right side (Area 51?), with the triangular aircraft in the middle. And there’s another six-pointed atom on the Nuclear Weapons Center right above the main logo and the Nuclear Systems Wing next to it (it says Armaments on this picture, but it’s actually Nuclear). Remember also the Star Wars type of spaceplane from the same military base on the previous page

[Miles: He means the X-wing fighter pictured on both patches. That is curious. Does it mean the X-wing is a real craft, not just a Star Wars piece of plastic? I guess next we will discover the Millennium Falcon is also a real craft, and that Lucas was just given permission to film onboard. Just kidding. That exposed dish on top wouldn't be very aerodynamic, would it?

Unless the Falcon travels in a charge envelope, that thing would be blown off at bicycle speeds.]

KAFB was involved in the Manhattan Project and was a flight test center, later also the “flight-testing headquarters for the 58th Bombardment Wing, which had been stationed at the Roswell Army Airfield, New Mexico”. That’s where the Roswell crash happened in 1947, more precisely on a ranch in the village of Corona near Roswell. Isn’t that the same name as the Hiller/Lockheed Corona satellite project? And when was the crash first reported? On July 8, 1947; the CIA was officially created two weeks later, on July 26 (2+6=8), 1947. And who was directing the Corona project? The CIA. And look what it says on Wiki: “The military decided to conceal the true purpose of the crashed device – nuclear test monitoring – and instead inform the public that the crash was of a weather balloon.” This again supports your thesis about a new type of transport probably being tested. [Miles: yes, but it is again misdirection because they are trying to resell the nuclear program, even while “divulging” the “true purpose”. So even when they “come clean”, they are just telling a variant lie. Which is why we have to look at all this NRO stuff very closely. As with all the other “leaks”, we may assume these are controlled.]

Regarding the Devil’s tail on the KAFB’s central part of the logo (a stylized hexagram), do you remember saying that phosphorous is the Devil’s element due to its use in explosives, and that it means light and points to the charge field? When I was searching for MIB’s logo (a stylized hexagram), I stumbled upon a picture of the man sitting right next to that logo, but I thought it would be too silly to ask you if the following could mean something. Can you guess what is the title of the newspaper he is reading? SATAN ESCAPES FROM HELL.

There is another thing I noticed on the above and some other military logos. The arrow that they use looks like an arm of the Knights of Malta's (KM) cross, and the same arrow was featured in Star Trek and Blake's 7 – both sci-fi TV series from the seventies related to spaceships flying in the universe.

 Furthermore, the KM's cross, officially known as the “Maltese cross”, is similar to the Knights Templar's cross, which is a variant of the so called cross pattee. And here comes the sweet part.

Recently, you updated your paper on heat levitation with a modern experiment in quantum holography. Do you remember what the diagram in the referenced article looked like?

The first is the photon hologram (measured (L) and theoretical (R)), the second is a variant of the cross patte, and the third one is the most recognized symbol of the Knights Templar (KT), the highest order in the York Rite of Freemasonry (note the circle/Sun? within the square behind it) in the center and the sunrays around the cross in the crown). This variant is one of the most used spook markers on the planet. Seen from above, it could represent a pyramid.

Although there are many different pyramids around the world, I wonder if all of them could be used as “filling stations” for those advanced spacecraft, as you suggested. As for the “charge maxima reaching up into the sky above for long distances”, I remember there were claims about this regarding the Bosnian pyramid; I think they measured this energy, but I am not sure.

Here is the standard form of the cross pattee (also used by the Templars) and its use in one of my favourite childhood cartoons He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Masters of the Universe ...

Which brings me back to your paper on the mystic symbolism and the charge field, where you stated that the hexagram, which “predates even the Old Testament, and it can be found in mandalas in India that have nothing to do with Judaism”, is a representation of the charge field.

 Which brings me back to your paper on John Dee, Francis Bacon, Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, and all before that as related to the charge field and gravity.

So, we have two, thousands-year-old symbols that match the diagrams of modern science related to light/charge. How is that possible? Obviously, these guys aren't tapping new technology.

Now back to NRO. As a side note, the current NRO's official logo is slightly different than the one from the 1988 declassified Corona satellites document. Note what it says on the first page of this document (probably added later): “The CORONA Story.” A story? Remember, those satellites were supposedly the first spy satellites launched into orbit. The first went up in 1959 and the last one in 1972; the whole thing was classified until the nineties. The program's name was a codeword, not an acronym, according to Wiki. We saw the Corona village where the first UFO crashed in 1947 above and almost 13 years later Corona was used as a codeword for a program run by an agency that is called “the secret version of NASA”. And what does corona mean, anyway?

1. The luminous, irregular envelope of gas outside the chromosphere of a star. The Sun's corona is composed of ionized gas [...]. This phenomenon is visible only during a solar eclipse.

2. A faintly colored luminous ring appearing to surround a celestial body (such as the Moon or Sun) that is visible through a haze or thin cloud, caused by diffraction of light from suspended matter in the intervening medium. Also called aureole.

3. A faint glow of the air in the region of very strong electric fields, caused by ionization of the air molecules and flow of current in that region in corona discharge.

Basically, electricity and light, which are again related to the charge field.

At the same time, in 1959, NASA started its manned programs, and the Apollo Program ended in 1972 (the last manned program, US-USSR, ended in 1975). I assume NRO's technology is used to film everything possible on Earth and in outer space, and then those images get analyzed and scrubbed by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which used the Corona images in the sixties, by the way. If NASA's activities are staged, faked, I don't see what its purpose can be other than acting as a front project that sucks money and channels it to covert black projects operated by the NRO and other intel agencies. Various private space companies, such as SpaceX, Bigelow Aerospace etc., probably act in the same way.

And these are only the US companies and space projects. There's also Russia/Kazakhstan (world's first and largest operational space launch facility), China etc.

I noticed that some of the NRO's patches and logos also point to Africa, not just the (South) Atlantic.

They definitely point to the northern part of Africa (Sahara Desert), probably to one of its centers (northeastern Nigeria), or maybe some place in nearby Chad, Niger, or Sudan. Alternatively, the reference to Africa may just be because it is called “the dark/black continent” and all things NRO are part of the “dark/black (= classified) world”.

I made a quick check if there are any pyramids in that region (apart from those in Egypt) and they were found in Nigeria, Niger and Sudan (also in Libya, even in the Canary Islands).

 I heard about Alexander Golod’s (Ukrainian former defense contractor and scientist) research on the alleged positive effects of the pyramids, but I am not sure whether that is true or just some more manipulation, and I am not willing to pursue it now.

I also looked for any nuclear activities or uranium in that region. As various commissions are concerned, there is only the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission – featuring a hexagram, almost the same as the one in Men in Black 1.

And uranium is being mined in Niger, Nigeria and Sudan (also many other countries in Africa), with Niger being one of the top 20 producers in the world. The first one is Kazakhstan (rings a bell? largest and oldest space launch facility) – if this new type of fuel really comes from uranium, no wonder they are doing that well; uranium mining is of “considerable importance to the national economy” and “in the past half century, Kazakhstan has been a major source of uranium for the world's nuclear programs”.

Since you mentioned pyramids being in Peru, with relation to an NRO patch, I went to see if uranium is also there, and it seems it is. Peru was predicted to become S. America's first major producer of uranium. I also found a link to the US Atomic Energy Commission's Division of Raw Materials where you can find “reconnaissance of/for uranium” in Peru, Chile and some American States, and some other references to uranium and the science/production related to it.

I also found several other atomic logos featuring a hexagram:

The question remains who produces these advanced aircraft? It seems they test them in Area 51 and similar locations, but who could be making them? Some names I've heared in all these years, from Paglen and found during my research are Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell, Boeing, we saw Hiller, I also stumbled upon McDonnell Douglas, Hughes Aircraft and General Dynamics, and I am sure there are many more of them, counting also the front companies.

Another thing I came across during my research is the Pine Gap satellite ground station in the center of Australia that is partly run by the NRO, CIA and NSA. I remember hearing in a lecture or an interview that there is supposedly a deep underground base below Pine Gap that is connected to the US through a fast underground train. This is just one of many such stories about deep military underground bases in the alternative community. I wouldn't be surprised if that was true.

[Miles: I would. They would have to tunnel beneath the entire Pacific Ocean. They do have amazing tunneling capabilities, but nothing like that. It took them six years and $20 billion to dig the Chunnel, which is only about 23 miles undersea. To dig from Australia to Los Angeles would take about 2,000 years at that rate, at a cost of $7 trillion.* So if there is a tunnel there, we didn't dig it.]

There is a RAND Corporation (part of US Air Force) report about deep underground construction from 1959 and another one about a “very high speed transit system” in underground tunnels from 1972 (21 min. coast-to-coast in US). The US Air Force also supposedly uses nuclear tunnel boring machines called subterrenes (cf. submarine); see also here and here for cost analyses done by the military for these machines.

[Miles: again, it would take about 600 years and $2.2 trillion to tunnel from Los Angeles to New York, based on the speed of the Chunnel bores. So if the tunnels exist, we didn't dig them. My assumption is they do not exist. These stories are likely planted to make us think they are doing something interesting with our money, besides stealing it.]

Here is a patent from 1972 filed by the US Atomic Energy Commission for a “method and apparatus for tunneling by melting”:

A machine and method for drilling bore holes and tunnels by melting in which a housing is provided for supporting a heat source and a heated end portion and in which the necessary melting heat is delivered to the walls of the end portion at a rate sufficient to melt rock and during operation of which the molten material may be disposed adjacent the boring zone in cracks in the rock and as a vitreous wall lining of the tunnel so formed. The heat source can be electrical or nuclear but for deep drilling is preferably a nuclear reactor. 

Another one from 1975 filed by the US Energy for an “apparatus and method for large tunnel excavation in hard rock”:

A tunneling machine for producing large tunnels in rock by progressive detachment of the tunnel core by thermal melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and simultaneously forming an initial tunnel wall support by deflecting the molten materials against the tunnel walls to provide, when solidified, a continuous liner; and fragmenting the tunnel core circumscribed by the kerf by thermal stress fracturing and in which the heat required for such operations is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor [...] The nuclear reactor is of the compact type such as developed for space propulsion.

And another one from 1975 filed by the US Energy where “the heat supply for the melting penetrator is a compact nuclear reactor of the type developed for space propulsion [...] Such a reactor is capable of energy output of many megawatts.”

It seems that apart from cars, ships, submarines, torpedoes, aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and rockets, nuclear propulsion is used also for tunnelling machines.

[Miles: again, the nuclear misdirection. These leaked patents are leaked to confirm the nuclear program. Which doesn't exist. Yes, they have some big machines, but they aren't nuclear powered.]
Supposedly from 1982 at the Little Skull Mountain, Nevada (in the middle of nowhere). 

I also checked if there are some patents related to space propulsion and caesium, and I got 64 results, but I don’t know if they are of any value to your research.

I got a bonus, too. When I went to see if there are any official NRO videos on YT, I noticed there was a video of Steven Greer where he mentioned NRO as being the true spymasters, unlike Snowden's NSA programs, which are, according to him, the basic (low) level of espionage.

I watched the entire clip and I noticed three things.

a) The three-dotted sign on his shirt that represents CSETI's logo (note the word Intelligence). Among other things, that's a well known Freemasonic sign. They even call themselves “the three-dotted brothers”. That sign literally represents a brother Mason. They use it in their correspondence and place it next to their initials and lodge titles. May be a coincidence with Greer, but that's what came to my mind first when I saw his picture taken from a distance.

 b) At minute 03:54 he talks about a group of people that organized an event where they wanted to communicate with ETs according to CSETI's protocols, I guess. The event, for which they had to “set up a security perimeter, radar perimeter, divert air traffic”, supposedly lasted 3 nights on a 2200 acre estate in France owned by the family who, “ironically, helped organized the French Revolution [...], specifically the beheading of Marie Antoinette, some very interesting vibes at this estate [...]”. Oh, boy, what a coincidence.

c) ... estate in France owned by the family who, “ironically, helped organized the French Revolution, like my mom's family did in America [...]” First I read and hear from his own mouth that he hangs out with a Rockefeller and now he says his mother's family helped organized the American Revolution. Well, that makes me feel warm all over.

*And that's not even taking into account the depth of the Pacific Ocean. The English Channel at that point is only 130 feet deep, while the Pacific is 36,000 feet deep. Although the Pacific Tunnel wouldn't need to go under the Mariana Trench, it would still have to go beneath or around some deep trenches like the Tonga Trench, nearly 300 times deeper than the Channel. This would add another thousand years to the project.


  1. sir wiliam 'ubi crux ubi lux' crookes invented the crookes tube. he adorned it with a maltese cross...

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