Saturday, January 28, 2017

NY Skinheads: The Beginning...By Rosemary's Baby,.,., I mean Harley Flanagan, I mean Rosemary's Baby...

NYC is known for being the first city in the United States with a Skinhead scene.

I was the first Skinhead in NYC. I got my head shaved in Ireland in 1980 by then Outcasts roadie Raymond Falls or "Fallsy" while on tour with the Stimulators. I was instructed to "teach America about Skins" and well, the rest is history. He, to this day claims me as "One of theirs" since my head was shaved in Ireland. So if you agree with him then the NY Skinheads started in Belfast Northern Ireland.

I wasted no time. I put out a fanzine with articles that I cut out from various British tabloids about Skinheads with photos of Skinheads. I shaved my friends heads. It went from maybe me and 3 or 4 friends to me and a dozen friends; within a year or so Skinheads had taken over the NYHC scene. 

MRR (Maximum Rock'N'Roll) a Punk magazine was one of the things that helped spread the Skinhead scene across America. They gave biased scene reports demonizing me and my friends and giving me and my friends a bad rep that helped distort the image and the reputation of Skinheads in the states. The more they wrote about us, the more notoriety the NY Skins had, the more other scenes tried to emulate us.

Before you knew it, it was all over the country. Then came the Heraldo Rivera show and things would never be the same.


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