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Fat Mike & George Soros (Nazi Philanthropists Fuck Off)

See how "Punkers" were mobilized by the "elite" to forward their agendas.

He is one of the top thirty richest people in the world. Soros, who is of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry, holds dual citizenship in Hungary and the United States, In his autobiography, entitled Soros on Soros, he described how as a teenager he helped to cart off the stolen possessions of Hungarian Jewish men, women and children after they were rounded up and transported to death camps by Nazis. He claims it never bothered him a bit, and still doesn't bother him today. He has no personal regrets about his actions. Soros, told Steve Kroft of CBS News in response to questions about his behavior in an interview with 60 Minutes where he stated that his time with the Nazis was "the happiest time of my life", KROFT: No feeling of guilt? SOROS: No.
In 1947,
Soros immigrated to England and became a student at the London School of Economics and studied under philosopher, Karl Popper.  Soros received £40 from a Quaker charity. In 1951, Soros earned a Bachelor of Science in philosophy and a Master of Science in philosophy in 1954, both from the London School of Economics. Between 1979 and 2011 Soros donated more than $11 billion to various philanthropic causes. Soros is also the chairman of the Open Society Foundations. He is known as The man who “broke the Bank of England” on Black Wednesday in 1992. Soros has been accused of orchestrating the Asian financial crisis of 1997. George Soros gave 1.46 million to MoveOn.org Voter Fund in 2005 and is always one of their largest donors. Soros is a big league investor who auspiciously moves money in anticipation of currency crisis and also triggers those crisis for profit. George Soros was convicted of insider trading by the French Supreme Court, but was only penalized €940,000. The Russian government has as of 2015 banned all of George Soros' philanthropic organizations from operating in Russia as a threat to national security.

Side note: Godfrey Higgins interpreted the meaning of the word "
Soros", "as the given name by the Egyptians to a stone coffin."( Manly P. Hall's SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES pg.19) by using the Kabbalah and medieval Jewish material to interpret the pre-Christian Wisdom of Solomon and Sirach as occult documents


Michael John Burkett (born January 31, 1967), also known as Fat Mike, is an American musician, producer, and owner of Fat Wreck Chords .He is the bassist and lead vocalist for the punk rock band NOFX and the bassist for the punk rock supergroup cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Also, he was a temporary bassist for the band Against Me!. Fat Mike was born in Newton, Massachusetts.

Rock Against Bush was a project mobilizing punk and alternative musicians against the 2004 U.S. Presidential re-election campaign of George W. Bush. At its core was the idea of using music to create a vibe of anti-war and pro-peace sentiment, similar to counterculture music movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

The effort was initiated by Fat Mike (Michael
Burkett) of the band NOFX, inspired by the Rock Against Reagan campaign of the early 1980s. It included live concerts, a series of compilation albums, and is associated with the Punkvoter website, which at its peak, punkvoter.com was getting 15 million hits a month. Its goal was to encourage people, especially punk fans, to register to vote and to oppose Bush. The album proceeds were used to support a 2004 concert tour and an associated voter registration drive, emphasizing the swing states. The albums have been issued by the Fat Wreck Chords label, which focuses on skate and pop punk artists, so most of the songs are by similar themed bands. Both a CD and a DVD were included, the latter containing documentaries critical of Bush, music videos, and comedy.

Mike, who was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and attend San Francisco State University, earned his degree in social science  in 1985.

The Punk Voter sponsored Rock Against Bush Tour lasted from mid September into October 2004. The tour featured Anti-Flag, Strike Anywhere, Midtown, Mike Park, Tom
Morello's acoustic act The Nightwatchman, The AKAs  and The Epoxies Burkett recruited more than 200 punk bands to perform in multiple Rock Against Bush tours across the country and the compilation CDs sold more than 650,000 copies -- thanks to Burkett asking for original material from chart-topping bands like Green Day and other punkers he had cultivated relationships with over the years including "one time" DC scenester, Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters.

Track listings for R.A.B. comp: Vol. 1)
"Nothing to Do When You're Locked in a Vacancy" - None More Black *
"Moron" (Demo) - Sum 41 *
Warbrain" - Alkaline Trio *
"Need More Time" - Epoxies
"The School of Assassins" - Anti-Flag*
"Sink, Florida, Sink" (Electric) - Against Me!*
"Baghdad" - The Offspring*
"Lion and the Lamb" - The Get Up Kids*
"Give It All" - Rise Against
"No W" - Ministry*
"Sad State of Affairs" - Descendents*
"Revolution" - Authority Zero*
Cha-Cha-Cha" - The Soviettes*
"That's Progress" - Jello
Biafra with D.O.A.
"Overcome (The Recapitulation)" - Rx Bandits
"No Voice of Mine" - Strung Out*
"To the World" - Strike Anywhere
"Heaven Is Falling" (Bad Religion Cover) - The
"God Save the USA" -
"Normal Days" - Denali
"The Expatriate Act" - The World/Inferno Friendship Society*
"No News Is Good News" - New Found Glory*
"Basket of Snakes" - The Frisk*
"Jaw, Knee, Music" -
"It's the Law" - Social Distortion
"The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out" - Less Than Jake featuring Billy Bragg*

Track listings for R.A.B. comp Vol. 2):
"Favorite Son" - Green Day*
"Let Them Eat War" - Bad Religion
"Unity" - Operation Ivy
Necrotism: Decanting the Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Part 7" - The Lawrence Arms*
"We Got the Power" - Dropkick
"Drunken Lullabies" - Flogging Molly
"Doomsday Breach" - Only Crime
"Gas Chamber" (Angry Samoans cover)- Foo Fighters*
"Status Pools" -
"What You Say" -
"7 Years Down" - Rancid
"Off with Your Head" -
"Scream Out" - The Unseen *
"Violins" (
Lagwagon cover) - Yellowcard*
Sprewells on a Wheelchair" - Dillinger Four*
"Chesterfield King" (Live) - Jawbreaker*
"Born Free" (Live) - The Bouncing Souls*
"No Hope" (Live) - Mad Caddies*
"Kids Today" (Feat. The Matches & The A.K.A.s)-
"Can't Wait to Quit" - Sick of It All*
"Comforting Lie" - No Doubt
"State of Fear" - Useless ID*
"I'm Thinking" - Autopilot Off*
"My Star" - The (International) Noise Conspiracy*
"Time's Up" -
"Kill the Night" - Hot Water Music*
"You're Gonna Die" - Thought Riot
"Fields of Agony" (Acoustic) - No Use for a Name*

* denotes previously unreleased

 Propagandhi withdrew from Punk Voter’s Rock Against Bush Vol. 1 compilation after Burkett requested that they remove a jab at billionaire George Soros from their song titled "Free John Hinkly". The liner notes to the song stated, “This message not brought to you by George Soros”. Burkett explained his request in a post on Propagandhi’s website. Although he acknowledged that Soros was involved in selling weapons of war and had “screwed a bunch of countries to make his money”, Burkett also noted that Soros was bankrolling “many great organizations such as Moveon.org and America Coming Together, and these organizations help support us.” Finally he noted that, “MoveOn [helped push] the ‘Uncovered’ DVD and it sold 40,000 more copies because of them”.

The aforementioned "Uncovered" appeared on the DVD included with R.A.B vol. 2

Propagandhi frontman Chris Hannah:
 "Remember last month when my fine feathered friend Mr. Todd
Kowalski informed you that we had recorded a song for the upcoming 'Rock Against Bush' comp coming out on Fat Wreck Chords? Yes, that's the one. You have an excellent memory.
Well, guess which band got booted from it because they refused to remove a pot-shot aimed at international billionaire, global financier, war-profiteer and all-around
asswipe George Soros from their liner notes? No, it wasn't Good Charlotte. Good guess though. Try again.
That's right, it was us!
Next time someone comes knocking on our door hawking the virtues of joining a unified front against something, we'll be sure to ask them this: unity on whose terms? At what cost?
This message not brought to you by George
Soros. Propagandhi frontman Chris Hannah:
"One could argue that the
punkvoter campaign was a cynical collaboration with the duopoly to effectively destroy a 3rd option in the US. Hopefully they haven't succeeded and hopefully they will take the concept of democracy seriously next time around. what happens in the US has tangible consequences for most of the planet."


Hello everybody. Well this Propagandhi thing has gotten a little out of hand when there really is no issue. A lot of people seem to want an explanation, so here it is in detail. I asked Propagandhi to be on the Rock Against Bush comp and they agreed. They also made it clear that they didn't want to be censored and that their political views differ from ours. I said no problem and that I would be stoked to have a different viewpoint on the album (as long as it wasn't pro-Bush). So they send the song which happens to be a song off their last album, but with a different title. The lyrics are about how both political parties in the US are totally fucked and that it doesn't really matter which one wins because there will not be a significant change in the capitalist system anyway. Okay, so this is really not the message that I am trying to convey because I believe that Democrats are a bit better than Republicans, and I think that Bush is fucking the world worse than anyone possibly could. But, I still want the song on the comp. So we get the liner notes from the band and at the end it says, "This message was not brought to you by George Soros". This is where the problem starts. George Soros is a Billionaire who got his money from exploiting the foreign currency exchange. He screwed a bunch of countries to make his money. It is also important to note that he is also a member of the Carlyle Group, which is a company that makes money from selling weapons. Okay, that sucks. Meanwhile he has been giving close to 500 million dollars annually to progressive causes and has founded a network of philanthropic organizations in over 50 nations throughout the planet. He is spending a good part of his fortune trying to get Bush out of office. Maybe he feels guilty or something, I don't know. The point is that he has given money not to us, but to many great organizations such as Moveon.org and America Coming Together, and these organizations help support us. I didn't want an anti-Soros message on the first Rock Against Bush comp, because I don't want to make enemies within our movement. I am trying to unite people not alienate them from each other. So I asked Chris from Propagandhi if he wouldn't mind taking that last Soros comment out of their liner notes. He said he wouldn't take anything out. I said okay, then asked if they would mind being on the Rock Against Bush vol. 2 comp instead of the first one, which will be coming out 3 months after the first one.

There were 3 reasons why I wanted them on the second one. First and most importantly,
MoveOn.org is going to send a mass email to their 3 million members encouraging them to buy the comp. Letting them know that the more CDs we sell the first week, the more of an impact it will make on the music scene. If it's the number one independent record in the country, CNN and other news sources will report it. It will be a powerful message to Americans. MoveOn did this for the "Uncovered" DVD and it sold 40,000 more copies because of them. So I do not want to piss off MoveOn, not to mention that they are doing fucking amazing work. They are leading the online anti-Bush movement. Second reason; The first comp is a little Fat Wreck Chords bands heavy. There are already 8 fat bands on the comp. We had asked the Lawrence Arms to be on the second one too. They said okay. The 3rd reason was that the Propagandhi song wasn't new. It was an old song with a new title. I thought that this might piss a few people off.

So I ask
Propagandhi to be on the second comp with all the lyrics intact and with the George Soros comment and everything. NO CENSORSHIP. Chris politely said no thanks. He said that the band has had cold feet about the comp from the beginning, that their politics don't mesh with ours, and that he doesn't want to be shuffled on to the 2nd comp. I was bummed, but I felt that our message of getting Bush out was more important than Propagandhi's anti-Soros message. There are no hard feelings between the band and I. Not only do I think they are the most important band in punk rock, but I feel that they are amazing people, and I am incredibly proud to put out their records.

There it is. The whole explanation. Sorry no drama, but it never was a big deal until it got all over the
internet. Thanx for listening.

Fat Mike

PunkVoter eventually raised more than $1 million in the 2004 election cycle. Burkett broke an eight-year vow of mainstream media silence and talked with everybody. He appeared on Howard Stern's nationally syndicated radio show and sparred with Dennis Miller on his since-canceled TV program. His band NOFX opened for some of Michael Moore's speaking tour engagements. He attended Democratic National Committee meetings and even met the Democratic nominee himself, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.

He found himself sitting in a 500-seat auditorium in New York City, a few seats away from the provocateur filmmaker Michael Moore and near "An Inconvenient Truth" co-producer Laurie David.

Fat Mike said, "I was flying across the country going to different radio stations, different
DNC meetings. I met (wealthy liberal funder) George Soros. I met John Kerry. I did Dennis Miller, I did Howard Stern, I was really active. And you know, it's not fun." "But few approached until Harold Ickes, the former Clinton White House aide, "came over to me and said, 'This is what we need -- people like you to get into this.", said Mike.

"He's like the godfather to a lot of bands," said Tim
McIlrath, a member of the punk band Rise Against. Burkett asked McIlrath to go to the 2004 Iowa caucus with himself and members of Anti-Flag to represent PunkVoter; McIlrath had voted only once before. After meeting Kerry, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, McIlrath saw that "these guys were just human beings. They were not just some faceless Big Brother people telling us what to do."

"Mike took on a lot -- I don't even know if he realized what he took on," said Rise
Against's McIlrath. "He got the ball rolling. But what a lot of us realized is that it doesn't take a lot to get the ball rolling. Even if he's not around to lead it, there are people around now who know what it takes.

"It was perfect,"
Burkett said. "I hadn't done an interview in eight years, and a lot of these bigger magazines and newspapers wanted to do interviews with NOFX, and I had a reason to do interviews. I had a political agenda and it was perfect timing. Shit, I can use all of this punk rock ... what word is it ... it's a word George Bush uses ... capital ... punk rock capital."

PunkVoter, Inc.:
Stated Purpose-engage in issue advocacy; support candidates for public office
Established Date        10/15/2003
Contact Person  Michael Payne
Contact Address 1313 Vermont Ave NW Suite 8
Washington, DC  20005
Mailing Address 1313 Vermont Ave NW Suite 8
Washington, DC  20005
Contributions Received
(since 10/15/2003)      $665,989
Expenditures Made
(since 10/15/2003)      $1,067,572

Donated $50,000 to Punk Voter
Lewis is chair of Progressive Corp., the automobile-insurance company, which he took over from his father in 1965. Lewis, 68, has a net worth estimated by Forbes at $1.1 billion. He has given huge sums in the past to museums and other institutions as well as $500,000 to
Moveon.org in 2004.

Broken down by amount, in 2004 24 high rolling "philanthropists"gave $56,193,000 to left-leaning groups, while two donors gave $1,520,000 to Republican groups. The list is lead by Peter Lewis, who gave $14,230,000 to
Moveon.org, the Marijuana Policy Project and PunkVoter, Inc., among other groups. Lewis is followed by well-known Democrat supporter and billionaire George Soros, who gave to the Joint Victory Campaign 2004, Moveon.org and others. His donations totaled $12.6 million.

Donated $25,000 each to Punkvoter
 Punk Voter was partially funded by Andy Rappaport, the Silicon Valley mogul who has used his wealth to fund progressive and youth voter participation efforts and his wife Deb the President of Portola Valley School Board. One of the commercial ventures they sponsor is Huffington Post.

Donated $2,500 to Punkvoter
Laurene Powell is the widow of Steve Jobs, co-founder and former chief executive officer of Apple Inc. An American businesswoman, executive and the founder of Emerson Collective, which advocates for policies concerning education and immigration reform, social justice and environmental conservation.[4] She is also co-founder and president of the Board of College Track, which prepares disadvantaged high school students for college.[4] Powell Jobs resides in Palo Alto, California, with her three children. She manages the Laurene Powell Jobs Trust.

Donated $15,000 to Punk Voter.
Music for America in 2003 received $1,643,000 From Andrew and Deb
Rappaport. MFA's total contributions received were $1,760,820.

"In 2004, "Fat" Mike played an important role not just in inspiring his fans to get involved, but in making it OK for a lot of people in his genre to speak out about politics," said Molly Moon
Neitzel, president of the board of Music for America, a progressive organization that tried to connect political activism with music fans of all genres. "There's a feeling within the punk rock community that's anti-establishment and against the political system. "What Mike said in 2004 was that you can be anti-establishment and still be involved," Neitzel said.

Was paid $98,345 by Punk Voter. Fat mike hired Scott Goodstein to help him navigate the world of political organizing. The onetime musician had kicked around the Washington, D.C., music scene as a performer and promoter in his early 20s with the Positive Force activist group/think tank, and had spent the past several years running Congressional campaigns.

"The credibility that Fat has in the punk community, people in the political community could only dream about," said
Goodstein, who left Punk Voter  on good terms with Burkett to join Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign. He stressed that his comments were his own and that he was speaking in retrospect on PunkVoter and not on behalf of his current employer.

Goodstein went on to become the External Online Director for the Obama campaign :("develops all of the social networking platforms and mobile programs for Obama for America")  Formed Catalyst Campaigns (sole proprietorship) in 1995 and has worked on numerous campaigns ranging from Punk Voter to Operation Ceasefire.  B.A. and an M.P.A. from The American University School of Public Affairs.

Donated $10,000 to Punk Voter. Billionaire Financier George Soros’ Open Society Institute Contributed $200,000 To NARAL Pro-Choice America In 2004. (Open Society Institute Website, www.soros.org, Accessed 4/25/05)

Donated $5,000 to Punk Voter. Billionaire Financier George Soros’ Open Society Institute Contributed At Least $450,000 To People For The American Way Since 1999. (Open Society Institute Website, www.soros.org, Accessed 4/5/05; Capital Research Center Website, www.capitalresearch.org, Accessed 4/5/05)

Donated $5000 to Punkvoter
Mr. Richard Foos Co-Founded Shout! Factory in 2004. Mr. Foos Co-founded Rhino Entertainment Company in 1978 and served as its President. Rhino started as a record shop on Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, in 1973, run by Richard Foos, and became a record distributor five years later. He serves as Director of GetBack Media, Inc.

Donated $39,986 to Punk Voter and were paid $42,563 by Punk Voter for reimbursements and merchandise. Cinder Block (born Cindy Morgan, May 13, 1961) is an American punk rock vocalist and visual artist. Cinder sang for Fat Wreck Chords band, Tilt from 1992 to 2001.She was married to Jeffrey Bischoff, former Tilt guitarist, with whom she co-founded a licensing and merchandising store, Cinder Block Inc. She also worked for Fabula magazine and Punk Rock Confidential. Cinder earned a BFA in Theatre from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Donated $24,000 to Punk Voter
According to an interview with
Burkett at SFGate.com ,"After the meeting of liberal players in New York, Burkett and Goodstein visited several record labels to ask for contributions to their cause. Nobody gave." This is obviously an untrue statement seeing as Epitaph donated to Punk Voter, as well as  Drive Thru Records who donated $1,248 and Fat Mike's own Fat Wreck Chords "donating" $366,405

"Donated" $366,405 ????? to Punkvoter

Were "reimbursed" $94,264
for tour and production cost by

Paid: $18,521 reimbursement for travel expenses. "
We had Jello Biafra on tour with us on the Rock Against Bush tour, and the guy definitely knows his s -- ," Burkett said. "He'd talk for a half hour between bands.

"I really hope someone picks up where he left off," said Joseph Patel, a producer at MTV News,
"With subcultures as divided as they are now, you need someone to lead these niche movements who has the trust of the people in those movements. And he (
Burkett) was definitely the right person for that," Patel said.

Fat Mike explains his absence from the 2008 political sphere by saying,
"I did my work. I did my job. But politics is not my career."

In closing I tend to agree with the now removed post on the
Propagandhi website: "PUNKVOTER.COM project, which in our opinion has evolved into a simplistic, defacto
pro-Kerry lobby by its glaring omission of hard criticism
of the other half of the corporate duopoly: the Democrats.
So allow me to rephrase my own questions from yesterday’s now infamous
post: "Anyone But Bush" on whose terms? "Anyone But
Bush" at what cost? (incidentally, isn’t Nader "anyone"?
Aren’t you, dear reader living in an alleged democracy, "anyone"?)"

Break free from paradigms and see that the system is a fraud and that governments are arbitrary institutes and that the only power they have is that which we give them.

2016. Be prepared for ROCK AGAINST TRUMP. My guess is that it is coming soon.
Image by Masonic Youth

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