Monday, July 10, 2017

Jeff Nelson Remembers "Meese is a Pig!"

From the Article....

Eventually, the authorities caught up with Nelson. While he was waiting for a court date, he decided to move from secret postering to t-shirt sales: "It ended up becoming a very successful campaign in itself. At one point, a bicycle messenger named Christopher Stalvey was denied access to the Justice Department for wearing one of these shirts, and the ACLU then threatened to sue the Justice Department for its policy regarding the shirt. Everyone was convinced we had engineered the whole thing, but we had nothing to do with it—the whole thing had a life of its own at that point. I ended up selling about 6,000 of the t-shirts, which more than paid for the thousands I’d spent on paper, ink, rollers, and wheat paste, and helped pay for some of my first proper printing equipment." 

Last year, an example of one of Nelson's posters appeared in a Corcoran museum exhibit of Washington vernacular art


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