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Technology is Retarded: Cool UFO's

This is an expansion on the idea of retarded technology.  Hoaxbusterscall posted this video:

We also have the same temporary retardation in the UFO world.
Lets start somewhere, WICCAPEDIA...
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List of reported UFO sightings

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This article lists some alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), including supposed cases of reported close encounters and abductions.

Second (2nd) millennium BCE[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSourcesHynek Scale
ca. 1440 BCEFiery disksLower EgyptAncient EgyptIt was reported by the scribes of the pharaoh, Thutmose III, that "fiery disks" were encountered floating over the skies. It was later recorded on the Tulli Papyrus.[1][2]1

Classical antiquity[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSourcesHynek Scale
343 BCETorch in the skyOpen sea, between Greece and SicilyAncient GreeceAccording to Diodorus Siculus, the Greek general Timoleon sighted a torch in the sky while he was sailing with his fleet. The torch guided the Greek ships until they reached Sicily.[3][4]1
214 BCEships in the skyRomeItaliaRoman RepublicLivy records a number of portents in the winter of this year, including navium speciem de caelo adfulsisse ("an appearance of ships had shone forth from the sky").Livy's Ab Urbe Condita Libri[5]1
74 BCEflame-like "pithoi" from the skyPhrygiaAsiaRoman RepublicAccording to Plutarch, a Roman army commanded by Lucullus was about to begin a battle with Mithridates VI of Pontus when "all on a sudden, the sky burst asunder, and a huge, flame-like body was seen to fall between the two armies. In shape, it was most like a wine-jar, and in colour, like molten silver." Plutarch reports the shape of the object as like a wine-jar (pithos). The apparently silvery object was reported by both armies.[6][7]1
66 BCEsparks of growing lightRomeRoman RepublicThe Roman author and naturalist, Pliny the Elder, described a "spark" that fell to earth, becoming as large as the moon before returning to the sky.[1]1
70signs in the sky during the siege of JerusalemJerusalemIudaeaRoman EmpireA bright light over the Temple in Jerusalem. On a later day, "ὤφθη μετέωρα περὶ πᾶσαν τὴν χώραν ἅρματα καὶ φάλαγγες ἔνοπλοι διᾴττουσαι τῶν νεφῶν καὶ κυκλούμεναι τὰς πόλεις" ("there appeared in the air over the whole country chariots and armed troops coursing through the clouds, surrounding the cities").The Jewish War[8]1
ca. 150100 foot "beast" accompanied by a "maiden"Via CampanaLatium et CampanaRoman EmpireOn a sunny day near the Via Campana, a road connecting Rome and Capua, a single witness, probably Hermas the brother of Pope Pius I, saw "a 'beast' like a piece of pottery (ceramos) about 100 feet in size, multicolored on top and shooting out fiery rays, landed in a dust cloud, accompanied by a "maiden" clad in white. Vision 4.1-3. in The Shepherd of Hermas.[7]3
196angel hairRomeRom EmpHistorian Cassius Dio described "A fine rain resembling silver descended from a clear sky upon the Forum of Augustus." He used some of the material to plate some of his bronze coins, but by the fourth day afterwards the silvery coating was gone.[7]2

8th century[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSourcesHynek Scale
776Flaming shields of reddish colorSigiburgThrotmanniFranciaAccording to a section from the Annales Laurissenses maioresSaxons besieging the Sigiburg Castle, encountered a craft bearing "the likeness of two large flaming shields reddish in color" floating overhead, thus frightening off the invaders.[1][9][10]2

9th century[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSourcesHynek Scale
815MagoniaLyonsAuvergne-Rhône-AlpesFranciaThe Carolingian archbishop, Agobard of Lyons, described in his De Grandine et Tonitruis ("On Hail and Thunder") of a "certain region called Magonia from whence come ships in the clouds", and how he prevented the stoning death of "three men and a woman who said they had fallen from these same ships."[1][11]1

16th–17th centuries[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSourcesHynek Scale
1561-04-141561 celestial phenomenon over NurembergNurembergHoly Roman EmpireThe 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg has been interpreted by some UFO authors as an aerial battle of extraterrestrial spacecraft.[12]
1566-08-071566 celestial phenomenon over BaselBaselSwitzerlandA broadsheet published in 1566 depicted numerous spherical objects appearing out of the sun. This event is depicted in a 16th-century woodcut by Samuel Coccius (Samuel Koch) and Samuel Apiarius.[12]1
1595-10-15Strange comet-like object that stayed fixed on the sky and which wasn't found in any catalog of known cometsTârgovișteWallachiaAbout the time of Michael the Brave's attack on Târgoviște which was occupied by the Ottoman Army there were reports of a bizarre "comet" that appeared in the city, staying pinned on the sky and shining over the Wallachian camp. Reportedly, it stayed there for about two hours before vanishing.;[13]mentioned by a Transylvanian newspaper and an Italian-language report1
1609-09-26Shiny object like "a bowl/washbasin" making "a thunderous sound" and flying "fast like an arrow"Ganseong-gunWonju-mokGangreung-buChuncheon-bu, & Yangyang-buGangwon-do ProvinceKingdom of Joseon (all of them located in present-day Gangwon Province (South Korea)).Kingdom of JoseonBelatedly recorded in the Annals over a month late,[14] on September 26, 1609,[15] over "clear and cloudless" skies (three places recorded Sa hour (9-11 AM), one recorded Oh hour (noon), and one recorded Mi hour (1-3 PM)), a shiny object resembling "a bowl" or "a washbasin", suddenly appeared over the skies, made "a thunderous sound" and flew "fast like an arrow", and that "heaven and earth shook". It looked "as if it would land", but then it "tilted and rose", and then "it disappeared into sparks", with a comment that "it looked as if it was in the air by some energy".Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, Diary of Gwanghaegun of Joseon[16]1

19th century[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSourcesHynek Scale
1801HullEast YorkshireUnited KingdomIn 1801, as reported in the Hull Packet, a fiery object is said to have appeared suddenly over the Humber, an immense moon-like globe with a black bar across the centre of its face. For a moment it bathed Hull and the Humber in a mysterious blue light. Then, it split into seven smaller fireballs and vanished.[17]
Nocturnal Lights
1803-02-22 or 03-24Utsuro-bune at Haratono-hamaEastern shoreJapanOn February 22 (or March 24) in 1803 local fishermen reportedly saw a vessel drifting in close-by waters. They say when they investigated it, "a beautiful young woman" they described as having red and white hair and dressed in strange clothes appeared. The fisherman claim she held a square box "that no one was allowed to touch" and she spoke to them in a language they never heard before. Modern UFO believers think this story was a credible document of a close encounter of the third kind in early Japan. Historians and Ethnologists consider it to be folklore.[19][20]3
1883-08-12José Bonilla ObservationZacatecas Observatory, ZacatecasMexicoOn August 12, 1883, the astronomer José Bonilla reported that he saw more than 300 dark, unidentified objects crossing the sun disk while observing sunspot activity at Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico. He was able to take several photographs, exposing wet plates at 1/100 second. It was subsequently determined that the objects were high-flying geese.[21]0
1886-10-24MaracaiboMaracaiboVenezuelaA letter from the US consulate in Maracaibo, Venezuela, was printed in the December 18, 1886 issue of Scientific American reporting a meteorological occurrence described as a bright light accompanied by a humming noise that caused occupants of a hut to become ill.[22]2
1896–1897Mystery airshipsUnited StatesNumerous reports of UFO sightings, attempted abductions that took place around the United States in a 2-year period.1, 2 and 3
1897-04-17Aurora, Texas, UFO incidentAurora, TexasUnited StatesA tale of a UFO crash and a burial of its alien pilot in the local cemetery was sent to newspapers in Dallas and Fort Worth in April 1897 by local correspondent S.E. Hayden.[23][24]3

20th century[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSourcesHynek Scale
1909Mystery airshipsOtagoNew ZealandStrange moving lights and some solid bodies in the sky were seen around Otago and elsewhere in New Zealand, and were reported to newspapers.[25][26]1
Miracle of the SunFátimaSantarém DistrictPortugalThousands of people observed the sun gyrate and descend. This was later reinterpreted by Jacques Vallée, Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada as a possible UFO sighting, but not recognized as such due to cultural differences.[27][28][29]1
1940sFoo fightersOver World War II theatersSmall metallic spheres and colorful balls of light repeatedly spotted and occasionally photographed worldwide by bomber crews during World War II.[30][31]2
1941Cape Girardeau UFO crashCape GirardeauMissouriUnited StatesFirst responders and a Baptist minister allegedly view crashed spacecraft and alien bodies. Military arrives and swears witnesses to silence.[32][33][34]3
1942Hopeh IncidentTsientsien, HebeiRepublic of ChinaPhotographs show what is reported to be a UFO.[35]2
1942-02-24Battle of Los AngelesLos Angeles, CaliforniaUnited StatesUnidentified aerial objects trigger the firing of thousands of anti-aircraft rounds and raise the wartime alert status.[36]2
1946The Ghost RocketsMostly in Scandinavia, but also other European countriesNumerous UFO sightings were reported over Scandinavia, causing the Swedish Defense Staff to express concern.[37]2
1946-05-18UFO-Memorial ÄngelholmÄngelholmKristianstads CountySwedenGösta Karlsson reports seeing a flying saucer and its alien passengers. A model of it is now erected at the site.[38]3
1947-06-21Maury Island incidentPuget Sound near Maury IslandWashingtonUnited StatesHarold A. Dahl reported that his dog was killed and his son was injured by debris in an encounter with four to six flying doughnut-shaped objects. He also claimed that a witness was subsequently threatened by the Men in Black.[39]2
1947-06-24Kenneth Arnold UFO sightingNorth of Mount RainierWashingtonUnited StatesThe UFO sighting that sparked the name flying saucers. This sighting is considered as the start of the "Modern UFO era".[40]0
1947-06/071947 UFO sightingsmostly WashingtonUnited StatesSeveral UFO sightings reported after the sighting of Kenneth Arnold.[40]
1947-06Roswell UFO crashabout 30 mi north of Roswell, New MexicoUnited StatesUnited States Army Air Forces allegedly captured a crashed flying saucer and its alien occupants. The find was soon explained to be a weather balloon but regained attention since 1978 after investigation of S. T. Friedman.[41][42]3
1947-07-23Bauru Close EncounterBauruSão PauloBrazilJosé Higgins, a topographer, reports a close encounter with three humanoid figures emerged from a UFO.[43]3
1948The Green FireballsUnited StatesObjects were reported over several United States military bases; an official investigation followed.[44][45]2
1948-01-07Thomas MantellKentuckyUnited StatesUS Air Force sent a fighter pilot to investigate a UFO sighting over Fort Knox, Kentucky; his aircraft crashed and the pilot was killed while pursuing the UFO.[46]2
1948-07-24Chiles-Whitted UFO encounterAlabamaUnited StatesChiles and Whitted, American commercial pilots, reported that their airplane had nearly collided with a UFO1
1948-10-01Gorman dogfightNorth DakotaUnited StatesA US Air Force pilot sighted and pursued a UFO for 27 minutes over Fargo, North Dakota.[47][48]1
1948-10-15Fukuoka IncidentKyushu IslandJapanThe radar of a F-61 Black Widow detected a target below the aircraft. While the aircrew tried to intercept it, the pilot saw the object, which appeared as a stubby cigar; then the object accelerated and disappeared.[49]2
1949Aztec, New Mexico, UFO incidentNew MexicoUnited StatesAn alleged retrieval of a grounded UFO and its occupants from a plateau in New Mexico3
1950-04-09Fort Worth sightingFort Worth, TexasUnited StatesA UFO was sighted and photographed at 5.30 p.m. The examination of the photos made by experts of USAF revealed that the alleged UFO images were crimps in the negatives.[50]2
1950-04-24Varese Close EncounterAbbiate Guazzone, LombardyItalyA factory worker reported that he sighted three "humanoids" near a craft and one "shot him with a beam".[unreliable source?][51]3
1950-05-11McMinnville UFO photographsa farm near McMinnville, OregonUnited StatesA farmer took pictures of a purported "flying saucer". These are among the best known UFO pictures, and continue to be analyzed and debated to this day.[52]2
1950-08-05 or 15Mariana UFO incidentGreat Falls, MontanaUnited StatesThe manager of Great Falls' pro baseball team took color film of two UFOs flying over Great Falls. The film was extensively analyzed by the US Air Force and several independent investigators.[53]2
1951-08-25Lubbock LightsLubbock, TexasUnited StatesSeveral Lights in V-Shaped formations were repeatedly spotted flying over the city. Witnesses included professors from Texas Tech University and photographed by a Texas Tech student.[54]2
1951-09-10Fort Monmouth UFO CaseMonmouth County, New JerseyUnited StatesAt Fort Monmouth Base, a radar operator picked up an unknown target. Seventeen minutes later, the crew of a T-33 saw a discus-shaped unidentified object.[55]2
1952-07-12 to 291952 Washington, D.C. UFO incidentWashington, D.C.United StatesA series of sightings in July 1952 accompanied radar contacts at three separate airports in the Washington area. The sightings made front page headlines around the nation, and ultimately lead to the formation of the Robertson Panel by the CIA.[56]1
1952-07-14Nash-Forteberry UFO CaseNorfolk, VirginiaUnited StatesW. Nash and W. Forteberry, pilots of a DC-4 airliner of Pan American Airways, sighted eight large, round, glowing red objects.[57]1
1952-07-161952 Salem, Massachusetts UFO incidentCoast Guard Air Station SalemUnited StatesCoast Guard photographer Shell Alpert took a photograph of four roughly elliptical blobs of light in formation through the window of his photographic laboratory. A Coast Guard press release described the lights as "objects", however Seaman Alpert subsequently issued a statement saying, "I cannot in all honesty say that I saw objects or aircraft, merely some manner of lights."[58]1
1952-07-24Carson Sink UFO incidentnear Carson SinkNevadaUnited StatesTwo pilots saw three unusual Delta wing aircraft flying in a V-formation over Carson Sink.[59]1
1952-07-29Miami UFO movieMiami, FloridaUnited StatesRalph Mayher, stationer in Miami as a member of Marine Corps, took a movie film of a reddish UFO. The main portion of the film was submitted to USAF for analysis.[60]2
1952-07-30Oldenburg UFO Encounternear OldenburgLower SaxonyWest GermanyRoland Hughes, a RAF pilot, reported that he have sighted a "silver metallic disc" while he was returning to Oldenburg base after a training mission over West Germany.[61][62]1
1952-09-12The Flatwoods MonsterFlatwoods, West VirginiaUnited StatesSix local boys and a woman report seeing a UFO land, and saw a spade-headed creature near the landing site.[63][64][65]3
1952-12-06Gulf of Mexico UFO EncounterGulf of Mexico, 100 mi. south of Louisiana coastUnited StatesThe crew (three men) of a B-29 bomber tracked on the radar 5 high speed objects. After ten minutes the objects merged into a larger object which appeared on radar as a huge blip and moved off.[66]1
1953-05-21Prescott SightingsPrescott, ArizonaUnited StatesThree Prescott residents sight a total of eight craft at Del Rio Springs Creek, 20 miles north of Prescott.[67]0
1953-08-12Ellsworth UFO sightingBismarck, North DakotaUnited StatesA UFO appearing as a red glowing light is witnessed by 45 people. The sighting takes place for two nights.[68]1
1953-11-23The disappearance of Felix Moncla and Robert Wilsonnear the Soo Locks over Lake SuperiorUnited States/CanadaU.S. Air Force pilot and radar operator and their F-89C disappeared while pursuing an unidentified radar return.[69]0
1953-12-16Kelly Johnson/Santa Barbara Channel CaseSeen from Agoura, California, and from aircraft flying over Pacific OceanUnited StatesLegendary Lockheed aircraft engineer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, designer of the F-104U-2, and SR-71, and his wife observed a huge Flying Wing over the Pacific from the ground in Agoura. Meanwhile, one of Johnson's flight test crews aboard an WV-2 (see EC-121) spotted the craft from Long Beach, CaliforniaUSAF concluded these trained observers had seen a lenticular cloud, even though Johnson considered and ruled out that explanation.[70][71]1
1954-08-16Tananarive UFO incidentTananariveMadagascarAt 5:00 p.m. a green ball was seen in the sky and disappeared behind a hill. It reappeared a minute later and flew over the higher part of Tananarive. When the object flew in front of them, some witnesses could see a lentil-shaped device with silvery metallic aspect enveloped in electric luminous gas.[72][73]1
1954-08-29Prince Christian UFO sightingPrince Christian SoundGreenlandAt 11:05 p.m. the crew of a Royal Dutch Airlines DC-4 saw 3-4 dark, lens-shaped objects veer North and change position in formation.[74]1
1954-09-15Manbhum UFO sightingManbhumBiharIndiaA UFO was seen in the afternoon by about 800 people living in three villages in Manbhum district of Bihar. According some witnesses the UFO was shaped like a saucer about 12 feet in diameter and grey in colour.[75]1
1954-09-12 to 1954-11-30Autumn 1954 European UFO waveSouth and west of EuropeFranceItaly and other countriesIn the autumn of 1954 there was a great wave of UFO sightings in the countries of the south and the west of Europe. Most of the sightings occurred in France, followed by Italy. This wave was the first large-scale European UFO wave.[76]1,2 and 3
1955-08-21/22Kelly–Hopkinsville encounterA farmhouse near Hopkinsville, KentuckyUnited StatesAfter the sighting of a disc-shaped aircraft a group of strange, goblin-like creatures are reported to have repeatedly approached a farm house and looked inside through the windows. Members of the two families present shot at them several times with little or no effect. The encounter lasted from evening to dawn.[77]3
1956-07-24Drakensberg ContacteeDrakensbergSouth AfricaA well-known photo series depicting a supposed UFO, was taken on 24 July near Rosetta in the Drakensberg region. The photographer, meteorologist Elizabeth Klarer, claimed detailed adventures with an alien race, besides having had an alien lover, Akon, who would have fathered her son Ayling.[78]1, 5, 7?
1956-08-13Lakenheath-Bentwaters incidentEastern EnglandUnited KingdomSome UFOs were picked up by radar over the airbases of Lakenheat and Bentwaters. At Lakenheath some luminous object were sighted by ground personnel.[79]1
1957-05-03Edwards Air Force Base flying saucer filmingEdwards Air Force Base (about 22 mi northeast of Lancaster, California)United StatesJack Gettys and James Bittick, who were filming base installations on behalf of test pilot and later astronaut Gordon Cooper, observed the landing and departure of a silent flying disk. Their film evidence was sent to Washington, D.C.[80]2?
1957-05-20Milton Torres 1957 UFO EncounterEast AngliaUnited KingdomU.S. Air Force fighter pilot Milton Torres reports that he was ordered to intercept and fire on a UFO displaying "very unusual flight patterns" over East Anglia. Ground radar operators had tracked the object for some time before Torres' plane was scrambled to intercept.[81]2
1957-07-17The RB-47 UFO EncounterForbes Air Force Base, Topeka, KansasUnited StatesOften listed as a "top ten" ufo case, a U.S. Air Force RB-47, equipped with the most advanced monitoring equipment of the era, was tracked for 700 miles by a ufo.[82]2
1957-09Ubatuba UFO ExplosionUbatubaBrazilTwo fishermen watched a UFO crash and explosion, and retrieved fragments of the object.[83]2
1957-09-04Portugal "mothership" sightingBetween Granada and PortalegreSpain / PortugalThe crews of 4 fighter-bombers watched a large luminescent UFO and smaller attendant UFOs during a nighttime flight at 25,000 ft.[84]0
1957-10-16/17Antonio Vilas Boas AbductionNear São Francisco de SalesMinas GeraisBrazilOne of the very first abduction claims. Farmer Antonio Vilas Boas claimed to have been abducted and examined by humanoid aliens while working in the fields at night. He also claimed to have had sex with an alien woman aboard the egg-shaped aircraft.[85]4
1957-11-02Levelland UFO CaseLevelland, TexasUnited StatesNumerous people describe seeing a glowing, egg-shaped object and a cigar-shaped object which caused their vehicle's engines to shut down.[86]2
1957-12Old-Saybrook UFO incidentConnecticutUnited StatesReports of an elliptically-shaped UFO with square ports.[87]3
1958-01-16Trindade UFO IncidentTrindade IslandBrazil9 Separate sightings and 7 photos of UFO's were reported in the Trinidade Island during the meteorological and geological expeditions in the island.[88]2
1959-02-02/03Dyatlov Pass incidentKholat SyakhlSverdlovsk OblastSoviet UnionMysterious deaths of experienced cross-country skiers in the Urals are due to official investigation believed to have been caused by an unknown "compelling natural force". Some claim relation to unidentified orange spheres.[89]2
1959-06-26/27Father William Booth Gill sightingBoianai, Territory of Papua and New GuineaAustraliaMissionary and many natives saw several UFOs, one of them seeming to be repaired by four human-like occupants; witnesses and aliens waved at each other. The case was investigated by J. A. Hynek and accompanied by other sightings.[90][91]3
1961-04-18Eagle River Close EncounterEagle RiverWisconsinUnited StatesJoe Simonton, a farmer, reported that he sighted three dark-skinned aliens in a craft landed in his farm.[92]3
1961-09-19Betty and Barney Hill abductionSouth of Lancaster on Route 3New HampshireUnited StatesThe first widely publicized alien abduction experience. The Hills saw a huge flying disk while driving home in their car at late evening and were abducted and medically examined by small extraterrestrials.[93]4
1962-05-12La Pampa Province sightingLa Pampa Province, Route 35, Km 72ArgentineAt 4,10 three truckmen, Valentino Tomassini, Gauro Tomassini and Humberto Zenobi saw an object on the ground in a field near the road while they were travelling to Jacinto Aráuz. The object looked like a railroad car and was illuminated. As their truck came close it, the object rose up with a flame coming from the lower part and divided into two parts, which flew off in different directions.[94][95]1
1964-04-24Lonnie Zamora incidentSocorro, New MexicoUnited StatesPolice officer Zamora reports a close encounter.[96]3
1964-09-05Cisco Grove EncounterCisco Grove, CaliforniaUnited StatesHunter Donald Schrum claimed he saw a flying white light in the forest and was pursued by men as well as "robots". Condon Committee investigators were skeptical of Schrum's story because of its inconsistencies.[97]3
1965 to 1967Charles HallLas Vegas, NevadaUnited StatesCharles Hall claimed that while working at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada he had contact with tall white aliens who often traveled to Las Vegas casinos for entertainment with CIA agents.[98]3
1965-03-09The Incident at ExeterExeter, New HampshireUnited StatesNumerous reports of UFOs in Exeter, New Hampshire.[99]2
1965-07-01The Valensole UFO incidentValensoleProvence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurFrancePeasant Maurice Massé saw a landed spherical object and was paralyzed by two grey-like occupants.3
1965-07-03UFO sightings in AntarcticaDeception IslandAntarcticaAt 7.20 P.M. nine meteorological observers of Chilean Scientific Station watched in the sky a yellow-red object travelling at high speed. After about 20 minutes in Argentine Scientific Base 17 people observed a lens-shaped disc.[100]1
1965-09-161965 Craft LandingPretoriaBronkhorstspruitSouth AfricaPolice constables Lockem and de Klerk observed a landed, copper-coloured craft on the Pretoria–Bronkhorstspruit freeway. It was described as being 30 feet (9.1 m) wide and left a 6 feet (1.8 m) wide imprint on the asphalt after a rapid, fiery ascent. The incident was confirmed in a press release by Lt. Colonel J.B. Brits, district commandant for Pretoria North[101]2
1965-12-09Kecksburg UFO incidentKecksburg, PennsylvaniaUnited StatesMass sighting of a falling brilliant fireball dropping debris and causing sonic booms, followed by a cordoning-off of the probable crash site, alleged intimidation of a reporter by men in black and cover-up and the unresolved death of said witness.[102]2?
1966The Mothman PropheciesPoint Pleasant, West VirginiaUnited StatesA wave of reported sightings of a winged humanoid are connected to other mysterious events including sightings of UFOs.[103]3?
1966-03Michigan Swamp Gas SightingsWashtenaw County & Livingston County, MichiganUnited StatesWidely reported wave of sightings attributed to swamp gas by J. Allen Hynek.[104][105]2
1966-04-06Westall UFOClayton South, VictoriaAustraliaA sighting reported by hundreds of people. Witnesses of "The Clayton Incident" still gather for reunions.[106]0
1966-04-15Catalina Island UFOCatalina IslandUnited StatesCameraman Leman Hanson shot 10 seconds of 16 mm color footage of a UFO.[107]2
1966-04-17Portage County UFO chaseOhioUnited StatesSeveral police officers pursue what they believe to be a UFO for 30 minutes.[108]1
1967-01-25Betty Andreasson AbductionSouth Ashburnham, MassachusettsUnited StatesA woman claims to have been taken aboard UFOs by aliens many times over a number of years.[109]4
1967-05-20Falcon Lake incidentnear Falcon Lake in Whiteshell Provincial ParkManitobaCanadaA man is reported to have been burned by the exhaust of a landed cigar-shaped object.[110]3
1967-08-29Close encounter of CussacOutside CussacAuvergneFranceA young brother and sister claimed to have witnessed a brilliant sphere and four small black occupants while herding cattle outside their village.[111]3
1967-09-07Snippy the Horse MutilationNear Alamosa in the San Luis ValleyColoradoUnited StatesWidely considered to be the first unusual animal death to be related by its witnesses to UFOs and aliens.[112]2
1967-10-04Shag Harbour UFO incidentGulf of Maine near Shag Harbour, Nova ScotiaCanadaA large lit object was reported to have crashed into waters near Shag Harbour. A Canadian naval search followed, and officially referred to the object as a UFO. Some military persons involved claim the unknown object to be an alien spacecraft. There were other UFO sightings in the area at the time.[113][114]2?
1968-02-18Vashon Island incidentVashon IslandWashington StateUnited StatesThree men reported seeing a shiny saucer shaped craft, which froze a pond over which it had hovered.[115][116][117]2
1968-08-07Buff Ledge Camp AbductionNorth of Burlington at Lake ChamplainVermontUnited StatesTwo teenage employees of a summer camp reported sighting UFOs over the lake and claimed to have experienced missing time.[118][119]4
1968-11-28The Sverdlovsk MidgetSverdlovsk (today Yekaterinburg)Soviet UnionNear Sverdlovsk discovered a falling object in the Roshevski forest.[clarification needed]Some claimed that about the UFO and a Soviet Alien-autopsy survived some film reel.[clarification needed] About the incident made a documentary film with Roger Moore.[clarification needed][120]1
1969-01-06Jimmy Carter UFO incidentLeary, GeorgiaUnited StatesLater U.S. president Jimmy Carter's sighting of a UAP, which he didn't believe to be of extraterrestrial origin and is, contrary to him, thought to be Venus.[121]1
1970-01-01Cowichan District Hospital UFODuncan, British ColumbiaCanadaNurse Doreen Kendall claims she looked out a hospital window and saw a UFO containing occupants seated at a control panel. Another nurse called over by Kendall saw only a bright, featureless light.[122]3
1971-11-02Delphos UFO IncidentDelphos, KansasUnited StatesRonald Johnson, a 16-years-old living in the family farm, claimed he saw a bright object hovering above the ground at 7.00 p.m. He called his parents, but when they arrived the object vanished into the sky. The Johnsons saw a glowing ring on the ground in the place where the object was howered.[123]2
1972-06-271972 UFO sightings in the eastern CapeFort BeaufortSouth AfricaA craft was observed near Fort Beaufort in the eastern Cape, which attracted the attention of the military.[124][125][126][127]
1972-11-121972 UFO sightings in the eastern CapeRosmeadSouth AfricaA school headmaster seems to have arrived at a still smouldering UFO landing site in the town of Rosmead[125][128][129][130]
1973-05The Judy Doraty Abductionat a road from Alta Loma to Texas City, TexasUnited StatesWhile under hypnosis, Judy Doraty claimed to have been abducted by aliens and to have witnessed a cattle mutilation.[131]4
1973-09-20Skylab 3 UFO Encounterspace station Skylab 3 in Earth orbitouter spaceBlurred photographs of an unknown object were taken by astronauts.[132]
1973-10Jeff GreenhawAlabamaUnited StatesAlabama policeman Jeff Greenhaw claims he encountered a creature dressed in a shiny metal costume while investigating a UFO report.[133]3
1973-10-11Pascagoula AbductionNear Pascagoula at the Pascagoula RiverMississippiUnited StatesTwo men fishing on the river claimed to be abducted by strange-looking humanoids.[134]4
1973-10-17Eglin Air Force Base SightingFloridaUnited StatesAn unidentified object was tracked by a Duke Field radar unit during the same time period, and within the same area, that 10 to 15 people observed four strange objects flying in formation between Milton, Florida, and Crestview, Florida, along Interstate 10, according to Eglin officials. Reports from the base indicated that a bright glowing ball of light could be seen travelling parallel with an Air Force C-130 aircraft but at a much higher altitude.[135]2
1974-01-23Berwyn Mountain UFO incidentLlandrilloMerionethshireNorth WalesUnited KingdomAn alleged UFO crash involving lights in the sky moments before a large impact shock. The cause of the incident was however soon revealed as a 3.5 magnitude earthquake.[136][137]0
1974-05-311974 Abduction EventBeitbridgeSouth AfricaTravellers Peter and Frances MacNorman claimed an abduction event on 31 May, which would have started near Fort Victoria in the current southern Zimbabwe, and which would have continued to the vicinity of Beitbridge on the South African border.[138]4
1974-08-25Coyame UFO incidentCoyameChihuahuaMexicoAn alleged mid-air collision between a UFO and a small airplane, near the town of CoyameChihuahua, close to the U.S.-Mexico border. Some people believe that a UFO crashed and was secretly recovered, but according to local residents, UFO rumors arose after Mexican military authorities conducted a search to recover drugs and money scattered across the landscape in the wreckage of a plane piloted by a U.S. resident in 1980.[139][140]4
1975-01-12Stonehenge incidentNorth Bergen, New JerseyUnited StatesA UFO was allegedly sighted in North Hudson Park by a man, George O'Barski, while he was driving home at 2:45 AM.[141]2
1975-10-30Wurtsmith AFBNear Oscoda, MichiganUnited StatesUSAF security personnel reported an unidentified craft flying within exceptionally-secure Strategic Air Command airspace over a B-52 base housing nuclear weapons and delivery systems. An incoming KC-135 tanker was later ordered to commence pursuit over Lake Huron. The object or objects, last seen back over the base's weapons storage area, were never identified.[142][143]1
1975-11-05Travis WaltonNear Turkey Springs in Apache-Sitgreaves National ForestArizonaUnited StatesLogger Travis Walton reports being abducted by aliens for five days. Walton's six workmates claimed to have witnessed a bright hovering large silvery disk and fled the scene leaving him lying on the ground. He reappeared on 11-10 at late evening in Heber-Overgaard. Walton described the event and its aftermath in the book The Walton Experience (1978), which was dramatized in the film Fire in the Sky (1993) (with the scenes aboard the extraterrestrials' vessel significantly changed).[134]4
1976-01-06/07Stanford AbductionBetween Stanford and Hustonville on Route 78, KentuckyUnited StatesThree women claimed to be abducted after seeing a bright red object and a blue light while driving in a car on the highway.[144]4
1976-06-221976 Canary Isles sightingsCanary IslandsSpainSeveral lights and a spherical transparent blue craft, piloted by two beings was reported.[145]3
1976-08-26Allagash AbductionsEagle Lake on the Allagash waterwayMaineUnited StatesFour campers claimed to have been abducted by alien beings in the Allagash wilderness.[146][147]4
1976-09-191976 Tehran UFO incidentNorth of and in TehranMazandaran and Tehran ProvincesImperial State of IranA very bright object similar to a star was seen from Shemiran; after each approach to the UFO the electronic equipment of two F-4 interceptor aircraft of the Imperial Iranian Air Force was disabled, along with ground control equipment in Mehrabad International Airport, an event thoroughly documented in the U.S. DIA report. The Iranian generals involved in the incident claimed the object was extraterrestrial.[148]2
1977Colares UFO flapColares, ParáBrazilClaims of UFOs on a river island investigated by the air force in "Operação Prato" and civilian researchers, among them J. F. Vallée.[149]2
1977Broad HavenDyfedWalesUnited KingdomIn the 1970s, the area was the scene of alleged UFO sightings and nicknamed the Broad Haven Triangle[150][151]2
1978-05-10Emilcin AbductionEmilcinLublin VoivodeshipPolandA farmer in Emilcin is said to have been abducted and medically examined by short, green-faced, humanoid entities speaking an unearthly language in a white, hovering, humming craft. There is now a memorial at the site.[152]4
1978-10Clarenville UFO SightingClarenville, NewfoundlandCanadaConstable Jim Blackwood of the RCMP responded to reports of a flying saucer hovering over a harbour near the town of Clarenville. When he arrived at the scene the UFO was present and visible. The craft stayed in the area for approximately an hour and a half, During which Blackwood switched on the roof lights of his police cruiser leading the craft to mimic the flashing lights. The craft took off like a shooting star high in the sky and disappeared.[153][154]1
1978-10-21Valentich disappearanceVictoriaAustraliaContacting air traffic control, an Australian pilot reported seeing a UFO before both he and his aircraft vanished.[155][156]2
1978-12-21Kaikoura lightsSouth IslandNew ZealandA series of sightings by a Safe Air freight plane; the airplane was escorted by strange lights that changed color and size.[157]1
1979-01-031979 Mindalore IncidentKrugersdorpSouth AfricaA mother and her 12-year-old son of Mindalore, Krugersdorp, both claimed an encounter with a group of human-like entities standing beside a craft. One of them encouraged her to depart with them permanently. After she refused, they entered the craft which then shot upwards and disappeared in 30 seconds.[158]5
1979-08-27Val Johnson incidentMarshall County, MinnesotaUnited StatesA deputy sheriff spotted a bright light which appeared to have collided with his patrol car and damaged it. The deputy also suffered temporary retinal damage from the "light".[159][160]2
1979-11-09Dechmont Woods EncounterDechmont Law near Livingston, West LothianScotlandUnited KingdomA forester, Bob Taylor, was pulled by two spiked globes towards a large spheroid object, which hovered on a clearing. He lost consciousness and afterwards had trouble walking and speaking. He was also constantly thirsty for several days.[161]2
1979-11-11Manises UFO incidentValenciaProvince of ValenciaSpainThree large UFOs forced a commercial flight to make an emergency landing at Manises Airport.[162]2
1980-12-24 to 28Rendlesham-Woodbridge IncidentRendlesham ForestSuffolkEnglandUnited KingdomA sighting by USAF personnel, which at first appeared to be a downed aircraft.[163]2
1980-12-29Cash-Landrum incidentOn state highway FM 1485 in New Caney, TexasUnited StatesA huge diamond-shaped object expelling flame and emitting heat irradiated three witnesses on an isolated road in dense woods, who all required treatment for radiation poisoning. The UFO was escorted by military helicopters including CH-47 Chinooks. The victims have since sued the United States Government.[164]2
1981-01-08Trans-en-Provence CaseTrans-en-ProvenceProvence-Alpes-Côte d'AzurFranceRetired contractor Renato Nicolai said he saw a flying object shaped like two inverted bowls that reportedly left circular traces on the grass.[165]2
1981-12-31Hudson Valley Sightings/Hudson Valley BoomerangHudson ValleyUnited StatesA wave of reported UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley which ran until 1987, peaking in 1983-84.[166]2, 3 & 4
1983-06-30Copely Woods EncounterA suburb of IndianapolisIndianaUnited StatesHundreds of Basketball-Sized ball of lights were sighted around a neighborhood, leaving unusually obvious marks behind. Budd Hopkins wrote his book "Intruders" about the case.[167][168][169]4
1985-12-27CommunionNew YorkUnited StatesAuthor Whitley Strieber claims he was abducted by aliens while at his cabin in upstate New York.[170]4
1986-01-29Height 611 UFO incidentDalnegorskPrimorski KraiSoviet UnionThe inhabitants of the town watched a reddish ball which crashed into a mount known as Height 611. According some ufologist there was an UFO crash.2?
1986-05-19São Paulo UFO sightingSão Paulo and Rio de JaneiroBrazilBrazilian Air Force allegedly detect and intercept UFOs in southeastern Brazil.2
1986-11-17Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incidentFrom eastern to south central AlaskaUnited StatesFirst two square-shaped, then one very large craft witnessed by the crew flew alongside Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 for 50 minutes above Alaska. One of the objects trailing the Boeing 747 was detected by military radar.[171]2
1987-11-11Gulf Breeze UFO incidentFloridaUnited StatesEd Walters, a building contractor claimed to see a UFO and take photos of it.2
1989-09-27Voronezh UFO incidentVoronezhSoviet UnionA group of youths claimed to have seen a UFO and a "three eyed alien".[172]3
1990-03-30Belgian UFO waveAnsWalloniaBelgiumReports of large, silent, low-flying black triangles, allegedly investigated by Belgium's military.[173]2
1990-08-24Greifswald LightsGreifswaldBezirk RostockEast GermanyCentral EuropeAt 8,30 p.m. many people saw a group of 7 luminous spheres in the sky. The spheres took the form of a Y and were witnessed for about 30 minutes. Photographic evidence exists.[174]2
1991-04-07Baviaanspoort SightingPretoriaSouth AfricaA hovering triangular craft with red central light, and white star-like lights on each extremity, was observed by a family at Baviaanspoort, Pretoria. A similar craft was sighted in the nearby Eersterust township on the evenings of 8 and 9 April, either stationary or moving.[175][176][177]1
1991-09-15STS-48 incidentSpace Shuttle Discovery while in orbitOuter spaceVideo taken during mission STS-48 shows a flash of light and several objects, apparently flying in an artificial or controlled fashion. NASA explained them as ice particles reacting to engine jets.[178]0
1993-08-08Kelly Cahill Abductionat a road in the Dandenong Ranges near Belgrave, VictoriaAustraliaHousewife Kelly Cahill reported seeing a large craft and beings with glowing red eyes.[179][180]5
1993-11-18Sasolburg SightingSasolburgSouth AfricaResidents of Sasolburg observed a craft arriving from the direction of Vereeniging. The craft departed in a flash in the direction of Parys, but returned some three minutes later. The craft, similar in appearance to a water droplet, was observed to change colour and shape. With time individual lights were distinguished, and the body was determined to be cigar-shaped. While contained in a yellowish to orange glow, it emitted a downward blue light, before once again departing in a flash, upwards. A nearby town resident claimed to have found imprints of a small craft's landing gear some two months later.[181][182]1, 2
1994-09Warrenton SightingWarrentonSouth AfricaA farmer claimed to have made repeated observations of a noisy, nighttime craft travelling at great speeds, besides what he described as a 'mother ship'. The craft's noise was compared to the sound of a helicopter or Volkswagen Beetle engine. The farmer's general claims were supported by four independent observers.[183]1
1994-09-16Ariel UFO incidentRuwaEast MashonalandZimbabwe62 children saw a landed round aircraft and a small man next to it near their school.[184][185]3
1995-03South Africa UFO FlapSouth AfricaSouth AfricaA UFO flap swept South Africa from late March to mid April 1995, which was widely reported in the media.[186][187][188]2
1995-05-25America West Airlines Flight 564Bovina, TexasUnited StatesA 300–400 foot long cigar-shaped UFO with rotating strobe light followed an America West Boeing 757[189]2
1996-01-20Varginha UFO incidentVarginhaBrazilBrazilian Armed Forces allegedly captured extraterrestrial being after an UFO crash. The Brazilian government has officially denied these claims. According to a military inquest, a local man with disabilities was mistaken for an alien.[190]3
1996-07-28Erasmuskloof SightingPretoriaSouth AfricaA glowing disc was sighted by Sergeant Becker near the Adriaan Vlok police station, Erasmuskloof, Pretoria. The pulsating light contained a red triangle and emitted bright green tentacles, while a radar operator at Johannesburg International confirmed its presence. A chase ensued involving some 200 policemen and a police helicopter. The helicopter chase was given up at 10,000 ft near Bronkhorstspruit, when the object made a vertical ascent.[191][192][193]1
1996-10-05Westendorff UFO sightingPelotasBrazilPilot observes a UFO emerge from a mother craft1
1996-12-02STS-80 incidentsSpace Shuttle Columbia while in orbitOuter spaceA video taken during mission STS-80 of the Space Shuttle Columbia was analyzed by Mark J. Carlotto. It included three unusual phenomena: two slow-moving circular objects; a strange rapidly moving burst of light near the Earth's surface; and a number of object traces near the shuttle. The first two may be shuttle debris and an unusual atmospheric phenomenon. An analysis of the object traces near the shuttle suggested they were not shuttle debris or meteors, though James Oberg deemed them to be nearby sunlit debris.[194][195]2
1997-03-13Phoenix LightsPhoenix, ArizonaUnited StatesLights and craft of varying descriptions, most notably a V-shaped pattern, were seen by thousands of people between 19:30 and 22:30 MST, in a space of about 300 miles, from the Nevada line, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson.[196][197]1
1997-07Trichardt SightingTrichardtSouth AfricaA hovering, cylindrical light or shiny cloud, was filmed by Andreas Mathios in the sky above the town of Trichardt, in the current western Mpumalanga province. Besides Mathios, it was independently observed by three other persons around 6:50am. The light suddenly dropped and rose again before disappearing.[198]0
1998-12-27Graaff-Reinet sightingGraaff-ReinetSouth AfricaThe Laubscher family videotaped a group of roundish triangular craft passing over the town of Graaff-Reinet, at about 25,000 ft. These were changing colour and sometimes circled one another, before being overtaken by a much larger, shiny, gold-coloured craft. At this point all the objects departed to a cloud bank on the horizon.[199][200]0
2000-05-08Warden SightingWardenSouth AfricaPolice inspector Kriel claimed to have observed an approaching UFO while travelling on the N3 freeway, 70 km north of Warden in the eastern Free State province. The orange, oval-shaped light was fitted with two cupolas, one above and another below, and was wide enough to cover four lanes of the freeway. After a close approach the craft receded again. A follow up report claimed that the vicinity is known for moving light apparitions.[201]1

21st century[edit]

DateNameCity, StateCountryDescriptionSourcesHynek Scale
2001-07-15Carteret UFO caseCarteret, New JerseyUnited StatesAt least 15 people, including 2 police officers, stopped their cars along the New Jersey Turnpike to view light formations in the night sky.[202][203]1
2004-03-052004 Mexican UFO incidentMexicoA drug-smuggling air-patrol recorded on infrared camera what some claimed to be UFOs. The footage was released by Jaime Maussan. The objects were however convincingly correlated with the burn-off flares of oil platforms.[204]2
2004-08-21 to 2006-10-31The Tinley Park LightsTinley Park, IllinoisUnited StatesA sequence of five mass UFO sightings, first on August 21, 2004, two months later on October 31, 2004, again on October 1 of 2005, and once again on October 31, 2006, in Tinley Park and Oak Park, Chicago.[205][206][207]1
2006-11-072006 O'Hare International Airport UFO sightingChicago, IllinoisUnited StatesUnited Airlines employees and pilots claimed sightings of a saucer-shaped, unlit craft hovering over a Chicago O'Hare Airport terminal, before shooting up vertically.[208]1
2007-04-232007 Alderney UFO sightingAlderneyBailiwick of GuernseyTwo airline pilots on separate flights spot UFOs off the coast of Alderney.[209]1
2007-10-292007 Kolkata UFO sightingKolkataIndiaA fast moving object was spotted at 30° in the eastern horizon between 3:30AM and 6:30AM and filmed on handycam. Its shape shifted from a sphere to a triangle and then to a straight line. The object emitted a bright light forming a halo and radiated a range of colours. It was spotted by many people and hundreds gathered along the E.M. Bypass to catch a glimpse of the UFO, triggering a frenzy. The video footage was released on a TV News channel and later shown to Dr. D.P. Duari, the director of MP Birla Planetarium, Kolkata, who found it to be "extremely interesting and strange".[210][211][212]1
2007-11-28 to 2011-12-13Dudley DoritoWest Midlands conurbationUnited KingdomThe Dudley Dorito sightings concerns multiple sightings of a black triangle over the West Midlands conurbation of the United Kingdom which began in November 2007. The phrase was coined by the local press after hearing witness descriptions of the object.[213][214]1
2008-01-08 to 2008-02-09Stephenville, Texas UFO sightingsStephenville, TexasDublin, Texas, Crawford, TexasUnited StatesUFOs were, and are sometimes still reported from this area. One was an object described as 1 mile (1.6 km) by 1.5 miles (2.4 km) in size, spotted over Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas. The Air Force has identified the objects as training fighter jets that went unreported due to a "communications problem".[215]1
2008-05 to 2008-092008 Turkey UFO sightingsIstanbulTurkeyOver a four-month span in 2008, a night guard at the Yeni Kent Compound videotaped one or more UFOs over Turkey at nighttime. Many witnesses confirmed the two and a half hours' worth of video, leading the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center to dub it the "most important images of a UFO ever filmed".[216]2
2008-06-20Wales UFO sightingsdifferent cities, WalesUnited KingdomAccording to media reports, a police helicopter was almost hit by a UFO, before it tried to pursue it. Hundreds of people reported to have witnessed a UFO on the same or preceding days, from different areas of Wales.[217]2
2009-01-05Morristown UFO hoaxMorristown, New JerseyUSAIn the evenining, many citizens in Morristown and other town in Morris County, New Jersey saw five red lights in the sky. After three months, two men from the Morristown area announced they had organized an UFO hoax, meant as a "social experiment".[218]1
2009-02-27Middelburg Witbank SightingMiddelburg - WitbankSouth AfricaTwo formations of high-flying, orange-red objects, were seen by many witnesses, and video-recorded by some, as they traveled between the towns of Middelburg and Witbank, 25 kilometres (16 mi) apart. The first formation of 7 objects were seen at 21:51 on 27 February, as they flew westwards from Middelburg towards Witbank. Due to their altitude they eventually disappeared behind clouds. At 20:00 on 6 March, they were noted again high in the sky, but this time greater in number, 23, and traveling in the opposite direction.[219][220]1
2009-12-092009 Norwegian spiral anomalyFinnmarkNorway and SwedenA large, circular spinning white light, trailed by a long blue tail over the skies of Norway was spotted by thousands for two minutes around 8:45 am on December 9. The Norwegian media and space center were swamped with calls, and the phenomenon was held to be anything from a UFO to a unique aurora borealis event. The following day Russian authorities confirmed a failed Bulava launch, explaining the anomaly.[221][222]1
2010-01-25Harbour Mille incidentHarbour MilleNewfoundland and LabradorCanadaAt least three UFOs were spotted over Harbour Mille. The objects looked like missiles but emitted no noise.[223]1
2010-07-07Hangzou UFO sightingHangzouChinaAn Unidentified Flying Object was spotted above Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport at 9.00 p.m. The airport was closed down due to the sighting.[224]1
2010-07-21Booysens SightingPretoriaSouth AfricaResidents of Booysens, Pretoria, observed a triangle of bright lights which hung motionless in the sky for two hours. In each instance the object commenced a slow descent towards the horizon at 20:30. Binocular observation revealed nothing more than a blue and emerald light, with a white light which shone straight downwards.[225]1
2010-10-23Warren Air Force BaseWyomingUnited StatesUFO sighting coincides with 50 nuclear missiles going off-line.[226]0
2011-02-202011 Vancouver UFO sightingVancouver, WashingtonUnited StatesReports of purple and red flashing lights appearing in the sky on the evening of February 20, 2011 were revealed as a hoax by the owner of a large Chinese made kite with lights attached.[227]0
2011-05-11Tierpoort SightingPretoriaSouth AfricaA host of silent, orange lights with consistent luminosity were observed as they traveled faster than a commercial aeroplane over Tierpoort near Pretoria (some 20 objects) and Krugersdorp respectively. On 15 June seven of these objects were observed and some photographed as they crossed the sky in single file over Tierpoort.[228][229][230]1
2014-06-04Kensington PEI SightingKensington, Prince Edward IslandCanadaWhile putting out a bonfire late in the evening of June 4, 2014, John Sheppard witnessed unusual lights in the sky over the Gulf of St. Lawrence and captured 22 minutes of it on his cellphone. After reporting the incident to MUFON and their investigation concluding it being a confirmed sighting, CBC covered the event. The next day, CBC released a followup article in which a series of alternate explanations for the event were presented.[231][232]0
2014-08-11Mass UFO sightingHouston, TexasUnited StatesMany people in Houston, Texas saw a ring of lights, flying during a thunderstorm and this was captured on video, object seemed to be transparent but the lights were arranged in a circle with a central light visible on some pictures.[233][234]1
2014-10-03Colorado UFO sightingBreckenridge, ColoradoUnited StatesThe police in Breckenridge, Colorado received not only one but multiple reports of UFO sightings over the city. The mysterious objects remained stationary for periods of up to 15 minutes at a time. After that, a flash would appear and the “objects would take off across the mountain ridge”.[235]1
2014-11-11Airplane Disc SightingAlborzIranPlane passenger records speeding circular 'UFO' zooming beneath the jet he was in as it flies over Iran. According to the Daily Mail, "the most likely explanation is that it is high tech drone being operated by the Iranian military."[236]1
2015-06-252015 Kanpur UFO sightingKanpurIndiaA schoolboy claimed to have captured photographs of a UFO.[237][238][239]1
2015-11-282015 Gorakhpur UFO sightingGorakhpurIndiaThe UFO, what is claimed to be a huge disc-shaped flying object, was reportedly caught hovering over Padri market in Gorakhpur.

With the most mainstream report on the UFO phenomenon we can see a pattern.  From the earliest accounts we have a military influence...

A few decades later it looks like the Romans really put this stuff on the map.  Looking at those accounts we still see military influence.  We also have the brother of Pope Pius I and Cassius Dio.  
Historian Cassius Dio described "A fine rain resembling silver descended from a clear sky upon the Forum of Augustus." He used some of the material to plate some of his bronze coins, but by the fourth day afterwards the silvery coating was gone.
There's nothing fishy about Dio's story.   Why not take "ancient technology" and convert it into a limited supply of talismans from the goddess Juno Moneta?
As for the military link, god only knows what nonsensical pep talks those commanders gave their soldiers.
We can definitely say the Romans were pushing this stuff for a few hundred years.

Then is seems to go cold until France picks up the baton in the 8th century.  Here too we see more military and Holy Roman empire links to the stories.  

We take a few hundred more years off and then it picks up again in Europe.   Again we see the Holy Roman Empire kicking it off in Nuremberg.
Wallachia is interesting because of its military motivations and its link to Holy Roman Empire yet again.    Wallachia is in the geographical region of Romania. 
 We jump to the 19th century the the real players start to take the stage, the good old USA!

A coincidence is worth noting:  Blavatskian Theosophy got rolling in New York around 1875 and the mystery airships are dated around 1896.  Did those Theosophists conjure up the commanders of the UFO phenomenon?   

In 1904 Aleister Crowley was conjuring up Aiwass!


Crowley went to great pains to argue that Aiwass was an objectively separate being from himself, possessing far more knowledge than he or any other human could possibly have. He wrote "no forger could have prepared so complex a set of numerical and literal puzzles".[4] As Crowley writes in his Confessions: "I was bound to admit that Aiwass had shown a knowledge of the Cabbala immeasurably superior to my own"[5] and "We are forced to conclude that the author of The Book of the Law is an intelligence both alien and superior to myself, yet acquainted with my inmost secrets; and, most important point of all, that this intelligence is discarnate."[6] Finally, this excerpt (also from Confessions, ch.49):
The existence of true religion presupposes that of some discarnate intelligence, whether we call him God or anything else. And this is exactly what no religion had ever proved scientifically. And this is what The Book of the Law does prove by internal evidence, altogether independent of any statement of mine. This proof is evidently the most important step in science that could possibly be made: for it opens up an entirely new avenue to knowledge. The immense superiority of this particular intelligence, AIWASS, to any other with which mankind has yet been in conscious communication is shown not merely by the character of the book itself, but by the fact of his comprehending perfectly the nature of the proof necessary to demonstrate the fact of his own existence and the conditions of that existence. And, further, having provided the proof required.[6]
However, Crowley also spoke of Aiwass in symbolic terms. In The Law is for All,[7] he goes on at length in comparison to various other deities and spiritual concepts, but most especially to The Fool. For example, he writes of Aiwass: "In his absolute innocence and ignorance he is The Fool; he is the Saviour, being the Son who shall trample on the crocodiles and tigers, and avenge his father Osiris. Thus we see him as the Great Fool of Celtic legend, the Pure Fool of Act I of Parsifal, and, generally speaking, the insane person whose words have always been taken for oracles."
Perhaps more importantly, Crowley later identified Aiwass as his own personal Holy Guardian Angel and more. Again from Equinox of the Gods: "I now incline to believe that Aiwass is not only the God once held holy in Sumer, and mine own Guardian Angel, but also a man as I am, insofar as He uses a human body to make His magical link with Mankind, whom He loves, and that He is thus an Ipsissimus, the Head of the A∴A∴"[8]
Yet even while eventually identifying Aiwass as his Holy Guardian Angel, Crowley still went to even greater lengths in his later years to insist that Aiwass was an objective entity apart from himself, even going as far as to declare in no uncertain terms that the Holy Guardian Angel is not only entirely objective, but is also not to be confused with the "Higher Self," as in his final work, Magick Without Tears: "The Holy Guardian Angel is not the 'Higher Self' but an Objective individual. . . . He is not, let me say with emphasis, a mere abstraction from yourself; and that is why I have insisted rather heavily that the term 'Higher Self' implies 'a damnable heresy and a dangerous delusion'. . . . It it were not so, there would be no point in The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage."[9]
In Magick in Theory and Practice, Aiwass is firmly identified by Crowley as "The Devil," "Satan," and "Lucifer," whose "emblem is Baphomet." This assertion is made while Crowley is discussing "The Devil." After explaining that "The Devil" does not exist, he goes on to clarify his statements by explaining that "The Devil" is in reality a label for the God of any people that one dislikes, and this fact has led to so much "confusion of thought" on the subject that Crowley prefers to "let names stand as they are, and to proclaim simply that AIWAZ, the solar-phallic-hermetic ‘Lucifer,’ is His own Holy Guardian Angel, and ‘The Devil’ SATAN or HADIT, the Supreme Soul behind RA-HOOR-KHUIT the Sun, the Lord of our particular unit of the Starry Universe. This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade ‘Know Thyself!’ and taught Initiation. He is ‘the Devil’ of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection."[10]
Cult of Lam
Since Crowley’s time, several occult groups and individuals following in his footsteps have claimed to have intentionally and successfully contacted "Lam." Most notably, Michael Bertiaux in the 1960’s followed by a group of O.T.O initiates in the 1970’s. (The O.T.O. is the Ordo Templi Orientis, a Magickal order run by Crowley.) These individuals consider "Lam" to be a trans-mundane or extraterrestrial entity and claimed remarkable success in their invocations - if they are to be believed. 
Magickal Stories - Lam
When Aleister Crowley was living in New York, doing various magickal experiments in a place on West 9th, he did what’s called the Amalantrah Working. It’s theorized this process created a deliberate channel in ephemeral cosmic influences so that extra-dimensional entities could enter our universe. In short, he likely created a portal for what we know as gray aliens to come visit us.
Eventually Crowley made contact with an entity known as Lam and drew its portrait, and damn if it doesn’t look like the pictures we see of Grays now. (Incidentally, “lam” is the mantra linked to the root chakra, which is associated with survival.) This was around 1917. While there are possibly ancient accounts of extra-terrestrial visitations in other parts of the world, this was one of the first-known Grays to have popped into Western consciousness, although Crowley didn’t explicitly say this.
Crowley introduced Lam for the first time in his commentary on the Voice of the Silence by Theosophy founder Madame Blavatsky. Founded or not, he basically tears that classic to shreds without ever really explaining why he started it off with his portrait of Lam. Since then, Lam’s been expounded on by a writer named Kenneth Grant who knew Crowley personally and is his acknowledged successor.
Brian Butler interview with VICE:
VICE: First of all, who or what is Lam?
Brian Butler: It’s always been a bit mysterious what this was to Crowley, or what the creature was at all. You can tell by looking at it that it looks like a gray alien, although it precedes that. So, was it a self-portrait of Crowley on the astral plane? Was it an entity that he encountered? Was it Amalantrah?
What was your experience with it?
When I was in Brazil, it was related to those events that I explained last time. All of a sudden Lam came up [in my consciousness] and I got a communication that I was to contact it. Years ago, when I lived in New York--close to where Crowley was doing those rituals--I did what’s called the Lam Statement, which is written by
Kenneth Grant. He became interested in Lam and wrote a bit of his speculations of what Lam was and his relation to Crowley and how to investigate and contact that entity. It’s a pretty simple operation.
Then what happened?
I came into contact with an order of alien beings.
What did they say or show you?
It was a long-term process that took maybe a year. You’re dealing with non-human intelligence, an elemental or “alien,” whatever it is. It proceeded like a slideshow, it was in my sleep, they were showing these projections and it took me a while to figure out that’s what was happening. They were gradually preparing me for this communication. And then I got into contact with these beings. I was given a further basic understanding of [Lam's] nature and being. I recorded it with drawings and audio, my relation of what it was.
How would you describe that contact?
It could be like a classic gray experience…. How to explain it? It’s all really strange.
What were you told specifically?
So there were these images, they were all very personal, just strange. You read about these things for years, but when you actually experience it, it’s completely different.
How so?
You can’t really imagine what it’s going to be like. It’s an entirely different order of being than anything you’d normally encounter in your lifetime. It takes a while. Just the impact on your mind, if you’re not prepared, can be very unsettling. And the classic gray alien contact or experience is extreme terror. I can relate to that, in a way. It’s a very cold, mechanical kind of computer-like intelligence. It’s what we perceive as artificial because it’s not incarnated and it never was. So it doesn’t have empathy or doesn’t relate to that at all.
Huh, that’s something I hadn’t thought about, but it makes sense. That it hasn’t been cycled through and had a chance to learn things, so it would seem detached and disaffected.
Yeah. It’s eternal. It’s ancient. And it’s also futuristic. It’s from a dimension that’s beyond what our perception of time is, too. So not only is it not a warm-blooded creature, it’s also transcending the barriers of time and space. There are certain limitations you need to function in the world—such as a body—so it’s impossible for a human being to fully comprehend what it could be, just by nature of being alive. If you don’t retain those things, such as an ego or sense of logic and reason, then you can’t function in society. These entities operate outside of those rules. So it’s very difficult to classify them. We can see a small part of them, but the whole thing is too much, it’s overwhelming. It helps you to evolve, and it also can be terrifying, the vastness of where they’re coming from.
How can it help you to evolve?
Just like anything, if you’re in contact with it, you sort of absorb it by osmosis. Like with religion, if you’re around a higher level of initiation, it’s going to impact your aura. Hopefully you’ll be raised to their level, rather than them being brought down to yours. In some ways that can be scary or disorienting, because maybe you’re not ready to all at once be presented with it.
Why do you think he put this portrait of Lam before the Voice of the Silence?
It’s been speculated that it has some kind of strong connection with him.
Maybe it was one of the Masters of the Theosophicals? Or like a secret chief of the A.A.? He actually thought this was going to cause a big upheaval in Theosophy when this was published.
It didn’t.
It was all so marginal.

The moment in time may have seemed marginal, one esoteric religion battling another, but ever since Crowley’s Amalantrah Working lots of people in the US started reporting visitations, or “abductions,” with creatures that looked very similar to Lam. Tomorrow, Saturday, January 21, Brian Butler performs his Union of Opposites Ritual, combining light and sound to create a collective out-of-body experience. Along with his team he'll execute an occult rite inspired by Crowley's Ritual of the Mark of the Beast. If you're in the audience, you're a participant. This happens from 5 to 6 PM at Ruskin Theatre at the Santa Monica Airport in as part of the Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair.  
The 20th century kicks off and we get the Foo fighters...

OPPS! Wrong pic..

There's a Foo fighter in there somewhere...
The ball really starts to roll in the United States full steam ahead...
From the 40's on we can say this has been a phenomena concentrated in the United States.
We can also say the military (Air Farce) has their fingerprints all over it.
We are told the government is suppressing it while the government is a primary source for most UFO sightings and leaks... DUH!
We are told we are about to hear a vital disclosure but we've already heard it from "reliable" leakers...sited over and over again and again...

Bob Lazar

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bob Lazar
BornRobert Scott Lazar
January 26, 1959 (age 58)
Coral GablesFlorida
Former document photo processor[1]
Owner of United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies
Alleged researcher at Groom Lake testing facility
Spouse(s)Joy White
Parent(s)Albert Lazar and Phyllis Berliner Lazar
Robert Scott "BobLazar (/ləˈzɑːr/; born January 26, 1959) claims to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S4, in the Emigrant Valley and Old Kelley Mine area near the Area 51 test facility. Universities from which he claimed to hold degrees show no record of him.


Education and qualifications[edit]

Lazar claims to hold degrees from the California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[2] In 1993, the Los Angeles Times looked into his background and could not find any records of Lazar ever having attended either institution nor has he produced his degrees or a copy of his Master’s thesis.[1][3] UFOlogist Stanton Friedman was able to substantially verify that Lazar took electronics courses in the late 1970s at Pierce Junior College in Los Angeles.[4] His occupation was listed as a self-employed document photo processor.[1]

Los Alamos[edit]

Lazar worked for a time at the Los Alamos National Laboratory facility. He claimed to have worked "in the Meson Physics facility" and to have been "involved with experiments using the 1/2 mile long Linear Particle Accelerator."[5] Although Lazar claimed or strongly implied that he was an employee of Los Alamos, Stanton Friedman claims that he actually worked for Kirk Meyer, an outside contractor.[4] A former acquaintance from his Los Alamos days claims that Lazar was fired for using government equipment to work on his cars.[6]

Legal problems in 1990[edit]

In 1990,[7] Lazar was arrested for aiding and abetting a prostitution ring. This was reduced to felony pandering, to which he pleaded guilty and was ordered to do 150 hours of community service, stay away from brothels and undergo psychotherapy.[8]
This guy was a panderer!    His supporters say its a set up.   The court papers say otherwise.   Troof Site The Last American Vagabond seems to think Bob Lazar is worth citing so it must be real.

Stan Romanek

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stan Romanek
OccupationAuthor and UFO enthusiast
Stan Romanek is an author and UFO enthusiast. He appears in the media, and has spoken at the International UFO Congress, presenting his claim to have been an alien abductee.


Romanek says he is an alien abductee, had his first UFO encounter in 2000, and has had many experiences since, including discovering mysterious wounds on his body that glowed under a black light, communication with aliens over a Ghost Box, aliens following over his car or visiting his home, and telepathic communication by aliens.[1][2] In one account from 2003, he said he woke up and found himself wearing flannel ladies wear, and he suspected he had been abducted and returned in different clothing. It was later, while talking to an attendee at another conference that he suspected that the flannel gown was that of Betty Hill, another alien abductee who said she was abducted in 1961.[3]
Dwight Connely, editor of the MUFON UFO Journal, included the Stan Romanek case in his 2004 book The World's Best UFO Cases acclaiming it then as the best current case due to the presence of independent witnesses, markings and injuries on his body, a large burned circle, videos of strange phenomena, and "somewhat complicated mathematical formulas which seem to be well beyond Romanek's ability." Connelly hedges his bet then saying it should only be viewed as a potential long term best case that hopefully will be considered legitimate ten years later.[4]
Appearing on ABC Primetime in 2009, Romanek underwent hypnosis by Dr R. Leo Sprinkle, a psychologist who specialized in alien abduction cases. During hypnosis, Romanek wrote out the Drake Equation, which is a formula used to estimate the number of planets in the galaxy that might have intelligent life. It was suggested by Joe Nickell of the Skeptical Inquirer that this was done through simple memorization.[5]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Messages: The World’s Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story (2009, Llewellyn Publications)
  • The Orion Regressions (2011, Etherean)
  • Answers (2012, Etherean)
Etherean LLC was registered with the Colorado Secretary in September 2011, with Stan Romanek as agent.[6] Romanek's wife Lisa has also written about his abduction experiences, From My Side of the Bed (2012, Etherean).


In Romanek's book Messages, he claimed to have received communications from extraterrestrials. He claimed an astronomer interpreted drawings Romanek made under hypnosis of planetary alignments as indicating the date September 21, 2012, 4 years ago. Prior to that date, Romanek said he did not know what the significant event indicated by that date was to have been, but speculated it would be when the aliens would make themselves known to humanity, or maybe when the visions he had had of natural disasters would occur.[7]


Boo Video[edit]

In 2008, Romanek appeared on Larry King Live, along with Jeff Peckman, former Denver Mayoral candidate endorsing Romanek's story as part of his campaign for a Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission,[8] claiming to have recorded a video of an alien peeking in his window.[9] This video is now commonly referred to as the ‘’Boo Video’’.[10]
In May of 2008 during an interview of Romanek on Coast To Coast AM radio, host George Noory suggested that Romanek take a lie detector test over the authenticity of the Boo Video.[11] Romanek agreed to this test. When it was conducted later that year, Romanek failed on the question "Is the Boo tape a hoax?" Romanek then said he has medical conditions that prevent a lie detector test from working on him.[12]
At the 2009 Mysteries of the Universe conference in Kansas City, Romanek said he was set up by Noory to fail.[3]
A video expert consulted by Romanek claimed that the Boo Video would have cost $50,000 to fake. A Denver paranormal claims investigations group Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society / Warning Radio said they reproduced the video for about $90.[13][14]

Missing implant[edit]

In 2009 in an interview on ABC Primetime, Romanek said he had physical evidence of his abduction experiences in the way of an alien implant in his leg. When a medical test for the implant was requested, Romanek said it had disappeared.[2]

Child pornography[edit]

On Feb. 13, 2014, Romanek was arrested on charges of possessing and distributing child pornography. Romanek's wife, Lisa, has said "Anyone who follows Stan is already aware of the harassment [sic], break-ins, hacking and remote access of our computers for starters that we have experienced" and "We will be taking UFOlogy into the courtroom. We know that this has EVERTING [sic] to do with our being outspoken about the ET/UFO reality."[15] His jury trial is scheduled for July 31, 2017.[16]

Admitted faking[edit]

In a 2015 video[17] interview on the Peter Maxwell Slatterly show, Romanek said he faked the strange movement of objects that occurred during a 2014 interview[18] on the same show.
 Here he is in action.   I found this extremely compelling...

Another set up I'm sure.   I think this one is more complicated.   I have watched this clown in action and followed him for a few years.   I would not put it past him to have put child porn on his own computer to validate his stories about the governments suppressing him.   I know that sounds insane but watch that video and consider the idea...

Phil Schneider got his fingers shot off by an alien in a gunfight and then managed to whistle blow.  Thanks Phil.   He didn't start pimping or selling child porn so I don't know how credible he is.

Now lets look at the retarded technology

All I have to go off of are images on the internet.   I have never seen a UFO, buts lots of people have and lets take a look...

Are those lights from Laurel Canyon?
Its seems between the 40's and 50's UFO's weren't retarded.   Look how they progressed.   We haven't seen one of these guys in quite a while therefore their technology is moving forward and/or so is ours.   
Pretty much the same in the 60's.  We have some different pictures and stories buy they hold on to the Studebaker of UFO's for a couple of decades...
I've seen something like this in that film Flesh Gordon...
The UFO technology is not quite retarded yet but chromosomes are mutating.  They have breast shapes and Dairy Queen starbars added to the imagery.   We still have the same old disk moving at speeds that the random Joe could photograph.   
After the culture was heavily dosed with acid (66 forward) we have the same old song and dance.   So lets jump to the 90's and see if the UFO's have gone full blown retarded.
That's all you got?   I'm sold, UFO's are retarded... until the 2000's.   We have a massive leap out of retardation...
Or do we?
I need to make the statement that there are things in the sky that are flying that are unidentifiable.    During my lifetime these are the images that tell the story.   The problem comes with the instant relationship to beings from another planet.   There is a pattern that is clear as day.  People making an opposing argument use my red flags as the evidence against my argument. 
EVERY SINGLE EVENT LISTED ON WICCAPEDIA COMES FROM KNOWN LIARS OR DUBIOUS SOURCES.   This is a good time to reconnect the Government leaks and spin on the story.   The word government literally translates to mind control.  Govern-Control, ment from mente-Of the mind. 
No surprise the Roman empires and the United States (extension of the Roman Empire) are the controllers breaking ground with these stories.

On to the icing on the cake.
Steven Greer is the go to guy for the masses on the subject of "disclosure".

Steven M. Greer

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Steven M. Greer
BornJune 28, 1955 (age 61)
Charlotte, North Carolina
OccupationPhysician (retired)
Steven Macon Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American retired medical doctor and ufologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of allegedly suppressed UFO information.

Early life[edit]

Greer was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1955.[1] Greer claims to have seen an unidentified flying object at close range when he was about eight years old, which inspired his interest in ufology.[1][2] He was trained as a Transcendental Meditation teacher and served as director of a meditation organization.[1][3] Greer completed his graduate work aEast Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine in 1987.[4] He attended MAHEC University of North Carolina where he completed his internship in 1988 and received his Virginia medical license in 1989.[4] That year he became a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.[5][6][7]


Greer founded the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) in 1990 to create a diplomatic and research-based initiative to contact extraterrestrial civilizations.[2][3] In 1993 Greer founded The Disclosure Project, a nonprofit research project, whose goal is to disclose to the public the government’s alleged knowledge of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and advanced energy and propulsion systems.[8][9][10][11] The Disclosure Project was founded in an effort to grant amnesty to government whistle-blowers willing to violate their security oaths by sharing insider knowledge about UFOs.[12] Greer says he gave a briefing to CIA director James Woolsey at a dinner party, although this was denied by director Woolsey and attendees.[13][14]
In October 1994 Greer appeared in Larry King's TV special The UFO Coverup?[15] In 1995, Greer was working as a physician at the department of emergency medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital,[3][16] where he was chairman.[1]
In 1997, Greer along with other members of CSETI, including Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, made a presentation at a background briefing for members of Congress.[17] In 1998 Greer gave up his career as an emergency room physician, in favor of the Disclosure Project.[18][19]
In May 2001, Greer held a press conference at the National Press Club in D.C that featured "20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers".[2][20][21][22][23][24] According to a 2002 report in the Oregon Daily Emerald, Greer has gathered 120 hours of testimony from civilians and various government and military officials on the topic of UFOs, including astronaut Gordon Cooper and a brigadier general.[8]


In 2013 Greer co-produced Sirius, a documentary detailing his work and hypotheses regarding extraterrestrial life, government cover-ups and close encounters of the fifth kind.[25] The film was directed by Amardeep Kaleka and narrated by Thomas Jane, and covers Greer's 2006 book Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge. The movie premiered on April 22, 2013, in Los Angeles, California, and featured interviews from former government and military officials.[26] Sirius depicted a six-inch human skeleton known as the Atacama skeleton and featured images and a DNA test of the skeleton.[27][28] Genetic evidence showed that it was human, with genetic markers found in "indigenous women from the Chilean region of South America". The director of the center that did the analysis said, "It's an interesting medical mystery of an unfortunate human with a series of birth defects that currently the genetics of which are not obvious."[29][30]
In this clip from a yoga magazine we see "He was trained as a Transcendental Meditation teacher in 1975 and served as the Director of the International Meditation Society in the Bahamas during 1976"... and he shops at Walmart.


The International Foundation for the Science of Creative Intelligence (IFSCI).[158][159] American versions and additions to these organizations included the Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation (SRMF), the World Plan Executive Council which was established to serve as a guide for the movement there [160] and the American Foundation for the Science of Creative Intelligence, for people in business and education.[158] Active international organizations include the International Meditation Society, Maharishi Foundation, Global Country of World Peace and the David Lynch Foundation.
In 2007, the organization's "worldwide network" was reported to be primarily financed through courses in the Transcendental Meditation technique with additional income from donations and real estate assets.[161] Valuations for the organization are USD $300 million in the U.S.A[162][163] and $3.5 billion world wide.[15][164]

Historically listed[edit]

1958: Spiritual Regeneration Movement and Foundation[edit]

The Spiritual Regeneration Movement was established in India in 1958[165][166] and the Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation (SRMF) was incorporated in California, USA in July 1959 as a non-profit organization, with its headquarters in Los Angeles.[166][167] SRMF's articles of incorporation describe the corporate purpose as educational and spiritual. Article 11 of the articles of incorporation read: "this corporation is a religious one. The educational purpose shall be to give instruction in a simple system of meditation".[167][168][169] The SRMF corporation was later[when?] dissolved.[167] SRM offered TM courses to individuals "specifically interested in personal development in the context of a spiritual, holistic approach to knowledge".[170]SRM addressed a smaller and older segment of the population as compared with subsequent organizations such as the International Meditation Society and the Students International Meditation Society.[171] According to British author Una Kroll, SRM was not a community and in the early 1970s the organization "cast off its semi-religious clothing and pursued science in a big way".[172]
In January 2012 the Pioneer News Service, New Delhi, reported that several trusts, including the SRM Foundation of India, had become "non-functional" after the death of the Maharishi in 2008 and were immersed in controversy after trust members alleged that parcels of land had been "illegally sold off" by other trust members without proper authorization.[173] In June the dispute was reported to be specifically between members of the SRM Foundation India, board of directors, over control of the foundation's assets, including 12,000 acres of land spread around India. The two factions had accused each other of forging documents and selling land for "personal gains" without the sanction of the entire 12-member board. The two parties petitioned the Indian courts for a stay of all land sales until the Department and the Ministry of Home Affairs could conduct an investigation of the alleged improprieties. The newspaper went on to report that only four years after the Maharishi's death, his Indian legacy was "in tatters". [174]

1959: International Meditation Society[edit]

In 1959 the Maharishi went to England and established the British arm of the International Meditation Society with an additional office in San Francisco California, USA.[175][176] The International Meditation Society was founded in the U.S. in 1961 to offer both beginning and advanced courses in Transcendental Meditation to the general public.[142][165][170] As of 2007 it was still an active organization in Israel.[177][178]

1965: Students International Meditation Society[edit]

The Students International Meditation Society (SIMS) was first established in Germany in 1964.[64] A USA chapter was created in 1965 and offered courses to students and the youth of society.[170][179] The UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) chapter of SIMS, which had 1,000 members, was founded by Peter Wallace and his brother Robert Keith Wallace, the first president of Maharishi International University.[165][180] In the 1970s, SIMS centers were established at "over one thousand campuses"[64] in the USA and similar growth occurred in Germany, Canada and Britain.[65]

1970: International Foundation for the Science of Creative Intelligence[edit]

Transcendental Meditation has been utilized in corporations, both in the U.S.A and in India, under the auspices of the International Foundation for the Science of Creative Intelligence and the Maharishi Development Corporation. In India a number of companies provide the TM technique to their managers. These companies include AirTelSiemensAmerican ExpressSRF LimitedWiproHero HondaRanbaxyHewlett PackardBHELBPL GroupESPN Star SportsTiscoEvereadyMarutiGodrej Group and Marico.[181] The employees at Marico practice Transcendental Meditation in groups as part of their standard workday.[181] The USA branch of the organization is called the American Foundation for the Science of Creative Intelligence (AFSCI)[142][170] and as of 1975 it had conducted TM courses at General FoodsAT&T Corporation Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.[142] As of 2001, USA companies such as General Motors and IBM were subsidizing the TM course fee for their employees.[182] The organization has been described as one of several "holistic health groups" that attempted to incorporate elements of psychology and spirituality into healthcare.[183]
The Maharishi Corporate Development Program is another international non-profit organization that offers the TM program to people in industry and business.[184][185] According to religious scholar Christopher Partridge, "hundreds" of Japanese business' have incorporated the meditation programs offered by Maharishi Corporate Development International[186] including Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.[187] In 1995 the Fortune Motor Co. of Taiwan reportedly had a 100% increase in sales after participating in the program.[187] The Washington Post reported in 2005, that USA real estate developer, The Tower Companies, had added classes in Transcendental Meditation to their employee benefit program with 70% participation.[188][189][190]

1972: World Plan Executive Council[edit]

WPEC headquarters in Seelisberg, Switzerland
The World Plan Executive Council's (WPEC) international headquarters were located in Seelisberg, Switzerland and its American headquarters in Washington, D.C.[191] The organization name was taken from the Maharishi's "world plan",[192] which aimed to develop the full potential of the individual; improve governmental achievements; realize the highest ideal of education; eliminate the problems of crime and all behavior that brings unhappiness to the family of man; maximize the intelligent use of the environment; bring fulfillment to the economic aspirations of individuals and society; and achieve the spiritual goals of mankind in this generation.[30] It provided courses in the Transcendental Meditation technique and other related programs.[193][194][not in citation given]
It was founded in Italy in 1972 and by 1992 had organized twenty-five TM centers with thirty-five thousand participants in that country.[195] In 1998 the World Plan Executive Council Australia (WPECA) sought the approval of the New South Wales Labor Council (NSWLC) to allow a resort on property owned by NSWLC.[196]
The World Plan Executive Council (WPEC) was established in the U.S. as a non-profit educational corporation to guide its Transcendental Meditation movement.[160] Its president was an American and former news reporter named Jerry Jarvis and the Maharishi is reported to have had "no legal, official or paid relationship with WPEC".[137][197] WPEC was an umbrella organization and operated almost exclusively on revenues generated from TM course fees.[137] It featured corporate trappings such as "computerized mailings, high-speed communications, links, even a well-turned medical and life insurance plan for its employees".[137] WPEC supervised the 375 urban TM centers as well as several failed resorts that were purchased or leased as "forest academies" for in-residence meditation classes and courses.[137] It had $40 million in tax exempt revenues from 1970 to 1974[137] and in 1975 it had $12 million in annual revenues but [142] did not employ any outside public relations firm.[137]
WPEC's organization in the U.S.A. in 1975
In 1985, a civil suit were filed against the World Plan Executive Council, in the U.S.A. by Robert Kropinski, Jane Greene, Patrick Ryan and Diane Hendel[198]claiming fraud and psychological, physical, and emotional harm as a result of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs. The district court dismissed Kropinski's claims concerning intentional tort and negligent infliction of emotional distress, and referred the claims of fraud and negligent infliction of physical and psychological injuries to a jury trial. The jury awarded Kropinski $137,890 in the fraud and negligence claims. The appellate court overturned the award and dismissed Kropinski's claim alleging psychological damage. The claim of fraud and the claim of a physical injury related to his practice of the TM-Sidhi program were remanded to the lower court for retrial.[199] Kropinski, Green, Ryan and the defendants settled the remaining claims out of court on undisclosed terms.[200] The remaining suit by Hendel, not included in the settlement, was later dismissed because the claims were barred by the statute of limitations. In affirming the dismissal, the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit held that Hendel's claims were time-barred under the discovery rule because "...the defendants made representations which any reasonable person would recognize as being contrary to common human experience and, indeed, to the laws of physics. If, as Ms. Hendel alleges, she was told that meditators would slowly rise in the air, and that some of them were 'flying over Lake Lucern' or 'walking through walls, hovering, and becoming invisible,' and that her failure to go to bed on time could bring about World War III, then a reasonable person would surely have noticed, at some time prior to September 1, 1986, that some of these representations might not be true."[201]
In the 1990s WPEC in the USA became the parent company to an American, for-profit, hotel subsidiary called Heaven on Earth Inns Corp. with Thomas M. Headley as its president. The Heaven on Earth Inns Corp. was reported to have purchased nine USA hotels at cut-rate prices that year, including two in Ohio, one in Oklahoma[202] and one in Omaha, Nebraska.[203][204] The hotels were bought as facilities for TM classes and as income-producing operations for health-conscious travelers who preferred vegetarian meals, alcohol free environments and non-smoking accommodations.[205] The following year WPEC purchased a hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey[206] and a "shuttered" hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.[207] WPEC also "took over" Chicago's Blackstone Hotel via foreclosure in 1995.[208]
The Maharishi Global Development Fund (MGDF) purchased the Clarion Hotel in Hartford, Connecticut USA in 1995 for $1.5 million and sold it to Wonder Works Construction in 2011.[209] In 2006 MGDF's assets were listed as $192.3 million with $51.4 million in income.[210]

1975: Maharishi Foundation[edit]

Maharishi Foundation is an educational and charitable organization[211] active in at least four countries. The Maharishi Foundation's headquarters resided at Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire beginning in 1978[211] and later moved to SkelmersdaleWest Lancashire, England.[212] According to its website, Maharishi Foundation is a "registered, educational charity" that was established in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom in 1975.[213] Its purpose is to advance public education by offering courses and services for human development including Transcendental Meditation.[213][214] The foundation is said to promote Consciousness-Based Education and research on Transcendental Meditation by "independent academic institutions"[213] and reported $7 million in revenues in 2010.[215] Similar corporations include the Maharishi Foundation Incorporated in New Zealand[216] and Maharishi Foundation U.S.A.[217] Maharishi Foundation purchased the Kolleg St. Ludwig campus in 1984 for USD 900,000[218] and it became the Maharishi European Research University (MERU) campus as well as the Maharishi's movement headquarters and residence.[31] The buildings were old, inefficient, in disrepair and did not meet the Maharishi Sthapatya Veda requirements of an east facing entrance.[218] A 2006 report in the LA Times said the Maharishi's organization has been involved in a two year "courtroom battle" with preservationist who wanted to block the demolition of the Kollege St. Ludwig building which "was abandoned in 1978" by its previous owners.[219] A three-story, canvas illustration of the intended replacement building was put up on the front side of the building but local government ordered its removal.[220] According to a 2008 report, the MERU Foundation indicated it would consider leaving the site if permission to demolish the old building was not granted.[220] In 2015, the old buildings were removed completely.[221]

New construction in 1997
By 1996, it was referred to as the "Maharishi Continental Capital of the Age of Enlightenment for Europe".[222] In 1998, the overall redevelopment plan for the location was budgeted at USD 50 million.[218] Aerial photographs show the development of the site.[223][224] Floodlights illuminated the new building constructed in 1997 and 164 flagpoles carried the flags of the world nations "like a meditation-based United Nations."[225] Local authorities later limited the use of floodlights and required removal of the flagpoles.[220] Tony Nader was crowned Maharaja Raja Raam there in 2001,[226]and it became a "capital" of the Global Country of World Peace.[227][228] By 2006, the campus had 50 residents and had been visited by John Hagelin[31] and Doug Henning in prior years.[228][229][230]
In November 2011 Maharishi Foundation USA filed a lawsuit in Federal court against The Meditation House LLC for infringement of the foundation's Transcendental Meditation trademark which are licensed to select organizations.[231][232] The foundation alleges that its "credibility and positive image" are being used to "mislead customers" while the defendant asserts the foundation has an unfair monopoly on an ancient technique.[215]

1976: World Government of the Age of Enlightenment[edit]

This self described non-political, non-religious, global organization was formed in 1976 by the Maharishi[233] As of 1985 the World Government of the Age of Enlightenment was administrated by its President, Thomas A. Headly. Its purpose was to teach the Science of Creative Intelligence and the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs and to accomplish the seven goals of the World Plan. In addition, the organization gave Maharishi Awards to several outstanding members of the community each year.[170]

1988: Maharishi Heaven on Earth Development Corp.[edit]

Maharishi Heaven on Earth Development Corp. (MHOED) is a for-profit real estate developer associated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his Transcendental Meditation movement. First founded in Malibu California in 1988, it has sought to build utopian projects in the U.S., Canada, and Africa with a long-term goal to "reconstruct the entire world", at an estimated cost of $100 trillion.[234][235] The US arm planned to work with developers to build 50 "Maharishi Cities of Immortals" in the US and Canada.[236] The Canadian arm bought and renovated the Fleck/Paterson House in Ottawa in 2002, earning the "adaptive use award of excellence" from the City.[237] A subsidiary purchased land to build Maharishi Veda Land theme parks in Orlando, Florida and Niagara Falls, New York. The Dutch arm negotiated with the presidents of Zambia and Mozambique to acquire a quarter of the land in those countries in exchange for solving their problems.

1992: Natural Law Party[edit]

Main article: Natural Law Party
Founded in 1992, the Natural Law Party (NLP) was a transnational party based on the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.[238] The party was founded on the concept that Natural Law is the organizing principle that governs the universe and that the problems of humanity are caused by people violating Natural Law. The NLP supported using scientifically verifiable procedures such as the Transcendental Meditation technique and TM-Sidhi program to reduce or eliminate the problems in society. The party was active in up to 74 countries and ran candidates in many countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Israel, and Taiwan.[239]
Two of the most prominent candidates were John Hagelin, who campaigned for U.S. president in 1992, 1996 and 2004, and magician Doug Henning who ran for office in England. Electoral successes were achieved by the Ajeya Bharat Party in India, which elected a legislator to a state assembly, and by the Croatian NLP, which elected a member of a regional assembly in 1993.[240] The party was disbanded in some countries beginning in 2004 but continues in India and in a few U.S. states.[241]

1993: Maharishi Vedic Education Development Corporation[edit]

Maharishi Vedic Education Development Corporation (MVEDC) is a non-profit, American organization, incorporated in 1993 and headquartered in Fairfield, Iowa.[242] Bevan G. Morris is the acting and founding president of the corporation and Richard Quinn is the director of project finance.[243][244][245] MVED's primary purpose is the administration of Transcendental Meditation courses and training TM instructors in the United States.[246][247][248] Courses in Transcendental Meditation are led by TM teachers trained by MVED.[249][250] MVED also provides promotional literature to its teachers and TM centers.[251][252]

Maharishi Peace Palace in Fairfield, Iowa
In 1975 the USA non-profit oversaw five owned properties and hundreds of rented facilities that offered meditation lectures and seminars. One facility located in Livingston Manor, New York housed a 350-room hotel, a printing press and a professional quality video and sound-recording studio.[142] MVED is the sublicensee for many trademarks owned by the U.K. non-profit Maharishi Foundation Ltd. These trademarks include: Transcendental Meditation, TM-Sidhi, Yogic Flying and Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health.[253][231][254]
In 2004, the lawsuit Butler vs. MUM alleged that MVED was guilty of negligent representation and had direct liability for the death of a Maharishi University of Management student. In 2008, all charges against MVED were dismissed and the law suit was dropped.[255][256][257][258][259][260] According to journalist Anthony Barnett, the attacks led critics to question the movement's claims that group practice of advanced meditation techniques could end violence.[261] Maharishi said of the incident that "this is an aspect of the violence we see throughout society", including the violence that the U.S. perpetrates in other countries.[261]
MVED has created educational enterprises, such as Maharishi Vedic University and Maharishi Medical Center, and has overseen the construction and development of Maharishi Peace Palaces owned by the Global Country of World Peace (GCWP) in 30 locations in the USA.[262][263][264] Maharishi Peace Palaces, Transcendental Meditation Centers, Maharishi Enlightenment Centers, and Maharishi Invincibility Centers provide training and Maharishi Ayurveda treatments as well as serving as local centers for TM and TM-Sidhi practitioners.[251][265]

1997: Maharishi Housing Development Finance Corporation[edit]

The Maharishi Housing Development Finance Corporation (MHDFC) was established in India in 1997 and as of 2003 had 15 branch offices.[266] In 2000 MHDFC began offering seven and 15-year loans and proposed a plan to offer 40-year mortgages.[267] By 2003 the finance company had 15 branches across India, a loan portfolio of Rs104 crore, and the Maharishi University of Management of UK was listed as its majority owner.[266][268][269] In 2009 Religare Enterprises Limited acquired an 87.5 percent stake in MHDFC and on that basis MHDFC received the highest quality credit rating from the ICRA in 2010.[270][271]

1999: Maharishi Solar Technology[edit]

Maharishi Solar Technology (MST) is an Indian solar producer that makes modules, solar lanterns and pumps founded in 1999.[272][273] MST has a vertically integrated facility for producing photovoltaic panels at Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh,[274] and is a core producer of the multicrystalline silicon wafers used to make them.[275] MST is reported to be a "venture of Maharishi group" and has contracted with the US-based Abengoa Solar Inc to produce solar thermal collectors.[276][277][277] MST's president, Prakash Shrivastava [278] is a member of the Solar Energy Society of India's Governing Council.[279] According to a press release published in Reuters, MST was included in the "2011–2015 Deep Research Report on Chinese Solar Grade Polysilicon Industry".[280]

2001: Global Country of World Peace[edit]

U.S. headquarters for the GCWP
The Global Country of World Peace (GCWP) was declared by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, on Vijayadashami (Victory Day), October 7, 2000.[281] He described it as "a country without borders for peace loving people everywhere".[282][283] GCWP is structured as a kingdom, with Tony Nader as its current Maharaja or Sovereign Ruler.[284] It became incorporated in the state of Iowa, USA on October 15, 2002 as a non-profit organization with Bevan Morris as its president.[285] The corporation has its headquarters in Maharishi Vedic CityIowa.[285][286] It has, or is building, capitals in the Netherlands, Iowa, Kansas, West Virginia, Manhattan, and India. The GCWP has made various unsuccessful attempts at attaining sovereignty as a micronation during the years 2000 to 2002, offering sums in excess of $1 billion to small and impoverished countries in exchange for the sovereignty over part of their territory. It has a global reconstruction program which seeks to rebuild all of the cities and buildings in the world following Maharishi Sthapatya Veda principles.

2005: David Lynch Foundation[edit]

Main article: David Lynch Foundation
The David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace is a charitable foundation based in Fairfield, Iowa,[287] founded in 2005 and operating worldwide. The Foundation primarily funds at-risk students learning to meditate using the Transcendental Meditation program. Its other activities include funding research on Transcendental Meditation and fundraising with the long-term goal of raising $7 billion to establish seven affiliated "Universities of World Peace", to train students in seven different countries to become "professional peacemakers".[288][289]
So who is Maharishi?

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Maharishi Huntsville Jan 1978A.JPG
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1978
Founder ofTranscendental Meditation movement
Global Country of World Peace
PhilosophyTranscendental Meditation
BornMahesh Prasad Varma
12 January 1918
JabalpurIndia (now in Madhya Pradesh, India)
Died5 February 2008 (aged 90)
VlodropLimburg, Netherlands
GuruBrahmananda Saraswati
Disciple(s)The BeatlesThe Beach BoysRavi Shankar Michel Corbold [1] and others.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (12 January 1918[2] – 5 February 2008) was born Mahesh Prasad Varma and became known as Maharishi (meaning "great seer")[3][4] and Yogi as an adult.[5][6] He developed the Transcendental Meditation technique and was the leader and guru of a worldwide organization that has been characterized in multiple ways including as a new religious movement and as non-religious.[7][8][9]
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi became a disciple and assistant of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, the Shankaracharya (spiritual leader) of Jyotirmath in the Indian Himalayas. The Maharishi credits Brahmananda Saraswati with inspiring his teachings. In 1955, the Maharishi began to introduce his Transcendental Deep Meditation (later renamed Transcendental Meditation) to India and the world. His first global tour began in 1958.[10] His devotees referred to him as His Holiness,[11] and because he often laughed in TV interviews he was sometimes referred to as the "giggling guru."[12][13][14]
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Maharishi achieved fame as the guru to the BeatlesThe Beach Boys and other celebrities. In the late 1970s, he started the TM-Sidhi programme that claimed to offer practitioners the ability to levitate and to create world peace.[15] The Maharishi's Natural Law Party was founded in 1992, and ran campaigns in dozens of countries. He moved to near Vlodrop, the Netherlands, in the same year.[16] In 2000, he created the Global Country of World Peace, a non-profit organization, and appointed its leaders. In 2008, the Maharishi announced his retirement from all administrative activities and went into silence until his death three weeks later.[17]
The Maharishi is reported to have trained more than 40,000 TM teachers, taught the Transcendental Meditation technique to "more than five million people" and founded thousands of teaching centres and hundreds of colleges, universities and schools,[18][19][20] while TM websites report tens of thousands learned the TM-Sidhi programme. His initiatives include schools and universities with campuses in several countries including India, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.[21] The Maharishi, his family and close associates created charitable organisations and for-profit businesses including health clinics, mail-order health supplements and organic farms. The reported value of the Maharishi's organization has ranged from the millions to billions of U.S. dollars and in 2008, the organization placed the value of their United States assets at about $300 million.[18]



The birth name, birth date, and caste of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi are not known with certainty, in part because of the tradition of ascetics and monks to relinquish family connections.[22] Many accounts say he was born Mahesh Prasad Varma (Hindiमहेश प्रसाद वर्मा) into a Kayastha family living in the Central Provinces of British India.[4][23][24] A different name appears in the Allahabad University list of distinguished alumni, where he is listed as M.C. Srivastava.[25] and an obituary says his name was "Mahesh Srivastava."[26][27][28][29]
Various accounts give the year of his birth as 1911, 1917 or 1918.[14] Authors Paul Mason and William Jefferson say that he was born 12 January 1917 in Jabalpur, Central Provinces.[30][31] The place of birth given in his passport is "Pounalulla" India and his birth date as 12 January 1918.[32] Mahesh came from an upper-caste family,[33] being a member of the Kayastha caste, a high-status caste whose traditional profession is writing.[31][34][35]

Early life[edit]

Mahesh studied physics at Allahabad University and earned a degree in 1942.[23][30] While a few sources say that he worked at Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur for some time,[36][37] most report that in 1941, he became an administrative secretary to the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (also known as Guru Dev)[30][34][38][39][40] and took a new name, Bal Brahmachari Mahesh.[5]:22 [41] Coplin refers to bala brahmachari as both a title and a name, and considers that it "identified him as a fully dedicated student of spiritual knowledge and life-long celibate ascetic."[41] The Maharishi recalls how it took about two and a half years to attune himself to the thinking of Brahmananda Saraswati and to gain "a very genuine feeling of complete oneness."[42] At first Brahmachari Mahesh performed common chores but gained trust and became Guru Dev's "personal secretary"[43] and "favored pupil."[30] He was trusted to take care of the bulk of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati's correspondence without direction, and was also sent out to give public speeches on Vedic (scriptural) themes.[5]:22
Brahmachari Mahesh remained with Swami Brahmananda Saraswati until the latter died in 1953, when he moved to Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand in the Himalayas. Although Brahmachari Mahesh was a close disciple, he could not be the Shankaracharya's spiritual successor because he was not of the Brahmin caste.[44][45] The Shankaracharya, at the end of his life, charged him with the responsibility of travelling and teaching meditation to the masses, while he named Swami Shantananda Saraswati as his successor.[36][46]

Tour in India (1955–1957)[edit]

In 1955,[14][47][48][49] Brahmachari Mahesh left Uttarkashi and began publicly teaching what he stated was a traditional meditation technique[50] learned from his master Brahmananda Saraswati, and that he called Transcendental Deep Meditation.[51]Later the technique was renamed Transcendental Meditation.[52] It was also then that he was first publicly known with the name "Maharishi" an honorific title meaning "great sage" after the title was given to him according to some sources from "Indian Pundits" and according to another source the honorific was given along with Yogi by followers in India. Later in the west the title was retained as a name.[6][53]
He traveled around India for two years[54][55] interacting with his "Hindu audiences" in an "Indian context".[56] At that time, he called his movement the Spiritual Development Movement,[34] but renamed it the Spiritual Regeneration Movement in 1957, in Madras, India, on the concluding day of the Seminar of Spiritual Luminaries.[14] According to Coplin, in his visits to southern India, the Maharishi spoke English rather than the Hindi spoken in his home area to avoid provoking resistance among those seeking linguistic self-determination, and to appeal to the "learned classes".[57]

World tours (1958–1968)[edit]

According to author William Jefferson, in 1958, the Maharishi went to Madras to address a large crowd of people who had gathered to celebrate the memory of Guru Dev. It was there that he spontaneously announced that he planned to spread the teaching of TM throughout the world. Hundreds of people immediately asked to learn TM.[31] In 1959, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi began his first world tour,[14][19] writing: "I had one thing in mind, that I know something which is useful to every man".[12]
The Maharishi's 1986 book, Thirty Years Around the World, gives a detailed account of his world tours, as do two biographies, The Story of the Maharishi, by William Jefferson, and The Maharishi by Paul Mason.[5][31] The first world tour began in Rangoon, Burma (now Myanmar) and included the countries of Thailand, Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong and Hawaii.[58][59][60] He arrived in Hawaii in the spring of 1959 [34] and the Honolulu Star Bulletin reported: "He has no money, he asks for nothing. His worldly possessions can be carried in one hand. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is on a world odyssey. He carries a message that he says will rid the world of all unhappiness and discontent."[61] In 1959, the Maharishi lectured and taught the Transcendental Meditation technique in Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York and London.[19][58][62][63][64] While in Los Angeles the Maharishi stayed at the home of author Helena Olson,[58][65] and during this period he developed a three-year plan to propagate Transcendental Meditation to the whole world.[34] Though most of his audience consisted of average middle class individuals, he also attracted a few celebrities, such as Efrem Zimbalist Jr.Nancy Cooke de Herrera and Doris Duke.[6]
Left to right: Michael CooperMick JaggerMarianne FaithfullAl Vandenberg & Brian Jones; sitting: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 1967)
When the Maharishi came to the U.S. in 1959, his Spiritual Regeneration Movement was called Transcendental Meditation.[12] That same year he began the International Meditation Society and other organizations to propagate his teachings,[66] establishing centres in San Francisco and London.[67] For years, the sole teacher of Transcendental Meditation in America was a San Diego woman named Beulah Smith.[6]
In 1960, the Maharishi travelled to many cities in India, France, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.[68][69]
While in Manchester, England, the Maharishi gave a television interview and was featured in many English newspapers such as the Birmingham Post, the Oxford Mail and the Cambridge Daily News.[70] This was also the year in which the Maharishi trained Henry Nyburg to be the first Transcendental Meditation teacher in Europe.[71][72]
In 1961, the Maharishi visited the USA,[30] Austria, Sweden, France, Italy, Greece, India, Kenya, England, and Canada.[54][73] While in England, he appeared on BBC television and gave a lecture to 5,000 people at the Royal Albert Hall in London.[54][74] In April 1961, the Maharishi conducted his first Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India, with sixty participants from various countries.[19][75] Teachers continued to be trained as time progressed.[76] During the course, the Maharishi began to introduce additional knowledge regarding the development of human potential, and began writing his translation and commentary on the first six chapters of the ancient Vedic text, the Bhagavad Gita.[77][78]
His 1962 world tour included visits to Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand.[citation needed] In Britain, he founded a branch of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement.[30] The year concluded in California where the Maharishi began dictating his book The Science of Being and Art of Living.[79][80] In Rishikesh, India, beginning on 20 April 1962, a forty-day course was held for "sadhus, sanyasis, and brahmacharis" to introduce TM to "religious preachers and spiritual masters in India".[81]
The Maharishi toured cities in Europe, Asia, North America and India in 1963, and also addressed ministers of the Indian Parliament.[82][83] According to his memoirs, twenty-one members of parliament then issued a public statement endorsing the Maharishi's goals and meditation technique.[84] His Canadian tour[85] was also well covered by the press.[86]
The Maharishi's fifth world tour, in 1964, consisted of visits to many cities in North America, Europe and India.[87][88] During his visit to England, he appeared with the Abbot of Downside, Abbot Butler, on a BBC television show called The Viewpoint.[89][90] In October of that year, in California, the Maharishi began teaching the first Advanced Technique of Transcendental Meditation to some experienced meditators.[91][92] While travelling in America, the Maharishi met with Robert Maynard Hutchins, the head of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, and U Thant, the Secretary General of the United Nations.[93][94] During this same year, the Maharishi finished his book The Science of Being and Art of Living, which sold more than a million copies and was published in fifteen languages.[95]
In 1966, the Maharishi founded the Students' International Meditation Society ("SIMS"), which The Los Angeles Times later characterised as a "phenomenal success".[14][96] In the 1970s, SIMS centres were established at "over one thousand campuses",[97] including Harvard University, Yale University, and UCLA.[6]
In 1967, the Maharishi gave a lecture at Caxton Hall in London which was attended by Pattie BoydGeorge Harrison's wife,[67] as well as Leon MacLaren, the founder and leader of the School of Economic Science (SES).[5]:22 He also lectured at UCLA, Harvard, Yale and Berkeley.[98] That year, an article in Time magazine reported that the Maharishi "has been sharply criticised by other Indian sages, who complain that his programme for spiritual peace without either penance or asceticism contravenes every traditional Hindu belief".[99] Religion and culture scholar Sean McCloud also reported that traditional Indian sages and gurus were critical of the Maharishi, for teaching a simple technique and making it available to everyone, and for abandoning traditional concepts of suffering and concentration as paths to enlightenment.[100]
During 1967 and 1968 the Maharishi appeared on American magazine covers such as LifeNewsweekTime and many others.[101] He gave lectures to capacity crowds at the Felt Forum in New York City and Harvard's Sanders Hall.[6] He also appeared on The Tonight Show and the Today TV shows.[6] At the end of 1968, the Maharishi said that after ten years of teaching and world tours, he would return to India.[102]

Association with the Beatles[edit]

Main article: The Beatles in India
In 1967, the Maharishi's fame increased and his movement gained greater prominence when he became the "spiritual advisor to the Beatles",[95][103] though he was already well-known among young people in the UK and had already had numerous public appearances that brought him to the Beatles' attention.[104] They met in London in August 1967 and the Beatles went to study with the Maharishi in Bangor, Wales, before travelling to Rishikesh, India,[30] in February 1968 to "devote themselves fully to his instruction".[105] Ringo Starr and his wife Maureen left after ten days,[105][106][107] Paul McCartney and Jane Asher left after five weeks,[108][109][110] and Lennon and Harrison departed sixteen days later.[108] During their stay, the Beatles heard that the Maharishi had made sexual advances towards Mia Farrow.[111] On June 15, 1968, in London, the Beatles formally renounced their association with the Maharishi as a "public mistake". "Sexy Sadie" is the name of a song by the Beatles, written by John Lennon in India and credited to Lennon–McCartney.[105][112][113] Lennon originally wanted to title the song "Maharishi",[114] but changed the title at George Harrison's request. Harrison commented years later, "Now, historically, there's the story that something went on that shouldn't have done – but nothing did." In 1992, Harrison gave a benefit concert for the Maharishi-associated Natural Law Party, and later apologised for the way the Maharishi had been treated by saying, "We were very young" and "It's probably in the history books that Maharishi 'tried to attack Mia Farrow' – but it's bullshit, total bullshit." Cynthia Lennon wrote in 2006 that she "hated leaving on a note of discord and mistrust, when we had enjoyed so much kindness from the Maharishi". Asked if he forgave the Beatles, the Maharishi replied, "I could never be upset with angels." McCartney took his daughter, Stella, to visit the Maharishi in the Netherlands in 2007,[187] which renewed their friendship.[46][188][115] The New York Times and The Independent reported that the influence of the Maharishi, and the journey to Rishikesh to meditate, weaned the Beatles from LSD and inspired them to write many new songs.[67][105] In 2009, McCartney commented that Transcendental Meditation was a gift the Beatles had received from the Maharishi at a time when they were looking for something to stabilise them.[116] The Beatles' visit to the Maharishi's ashram coincided with a thirty-participant Transcendental Meditation teacher training course that was ongoing when they arrived. Graduates of the course included Prudence Farrow and Mike Love.[117][118][119]
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Maharishi achieved fame as the guru to the Beatles, The Beach Boys and other celebrities

The Beatles invoke mages of Aleister Crowley and The Beach Boys invoke images of Manson.
Speaking of Manson, allegedly he was "clear" in the Scientology religion.   If we look at those classy people we also see "alien" imagery.   
Meet Xenu...


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Xenu (/ˈzn/),[1][2][3] also called Xemu, was, according to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, the dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy" who 75 million years ago brought billions[4][5] of his people to Earth (then known as "Teegeeack") in DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs. Official Scientology scriptures hold that the thetans (immortal spirits) of these aliens adhere to humans, causing spiritual harm.[1][6]
These events are known within Scientology as "Incident II",[7] and the traumatic memories associated with them as "The Wall of Fire" or "R6 implant". The narrative of Xenu is part of Scientologist teachings about extraterrestrial civilizations and alien interventions in earthly events, collectively described as "space opera" by Hubbard. Hubbard detailed the story in Operating Thetan level III (OT III) in 1967, warning that the "R6 implant" (past trauma)[8] was "calculated to kill (by pneumonia, etc.) anyone who attempts to solve it".[8][9][10]
Within the Church of Scientology, the Xenu story is part of the church's secret "Advanced Technology",[7] considered a sacred and esoteric teaching,[11] which is normally only revealed to members who have completed a lengthy sequence of courses costing large amounts of money.[12] The church avoids mention of Xenu in public statements and has gone to considerable effort to maintain the story's confidentiality, including legal action on the grounds of copyright and trade secrecy.[13] Officials of the Church of Scientology widely deny or try to hide the Xenu story.[14][15]Despite this, much material on Xenu has leaked to the public via court documents, copies of Hubbard's notes, and the Internet.[14] In commentary on the impact of the Xenu text, academic scholars have discussed and analyzed the writings by Hubbard and their place within Scientology within the contexts of science fiction,[16] UFO religions,[17] Gnosticism[18][19] and creation myths.[20]


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A DC-8 aircraft in 2004. Hubbard described Xenu's spacecraft as looking exactly like DC-8s without "fans" (meaning the jet engines, or turbofans).[21]
The story of Xenu is covered in OT III, part of Scientology's secret "Advanced Technology" doctrines taught only to advanced members who have undergone many hours of auditing and reached the state of Clear followed by Operating Thetan levels 1 and 2.[7][12] It is described in more detail in the accompanying confidential "Assists" lecture of October 3, 1968, and is dramatized in Revolt in the Stars (a screen-story -- in the form of a novel -- written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1977).[7][22]
Hubbard wrote that Xenu was the ruler of a Galactic Confederacy 75 million years ago, which consisted of 26 stars and 76 planets including Earth, which was then known as "Teegeeack".[5][8][23] The planets were overpopulated, containing an average population of 178 billion.[1][4][6] The Galactic Confederacy's civilization was comparable to our own, with aliens "walking around in clothes which looked very remarkably like the clothes they wear this very minute" and using cars, trains and boats looking exactly the same as those "circa 1950, 1960" on Earth.[24]
Xenu was about to be deposed from power, so he devised a plot to eliminate the excess population from his dominions. With the assistance of psychiatrists, he gathered billions[4][5] of his citizens under the pretense of income tax inspections, then paralyzed them and froze them in a mixture of alcohol and glycol to capture their souls. The kidnapped populace was loaded into spacecraft for transport to the site of extermination, the planet of Teegeeack (Earth).[5] The appearance of these spacecraft would later be subconsciously expressed in the design of the Douglas DC-8, the only difference being that "the DC8 had fans, propellers on it and the space plane didn't".[21] When they had reached Teegeeack, the paralyzed citizens were unloaded around the bases of volcanoes across the planet.[5][8] Hydrogen bombs were then lowered into the volcanoes and detonated simultaneously,[8] killing all but a few aliens. Hubbard described the scene in his film script, Revolt in the Stars:
Simultaneously, the planted charges erupted. Atomic blasts ballooned from the craters of Loa, Vesuvius, Shasta, Washington, Fujiyama, Etna, and many, many others. Arching higher and higher, up and outwards, towering clouds mushroomed, shot through with flashes of flame, waste and fission. Great winds raced tumultuously across the face of Earth, spreading tales of destruction ...
— L. Ron Hubbard, Revolt in the Stars[7]
 So here you have it.   This by no means proves aliens do not exist.   It does show a pattern repeated through history that evolves into mind control.   Chew on that for a few.   I might put one more together with the channelers and more proof of aliens.   People like Jacques Vallee, JZ Knight and more will round off a cast of characters that will make you believe.

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