Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jazz As A Cultural Weapon

As a Jazz fan of many years, I am quite aware of the rebellious attitude fomented by Jazz music in culture, in part because it is a music that existed primarily based on innovation.  So it was no surprise that years ago, it came to my attention the purposeful proliferation of Jazz music and culture across the globe under the guise of fighting Communism during the Cold War by the U.S. State Dept. The irony in this, is the connection between "commies", beatniks and Jazz music which as we have covered was also proliferated as cultural disruption here in the U.S. by intelligence agencies. My conclusion is that Jazz was used a vehicle to disrupt cultures from Russia to the,U.S. without regard for ideology, to break down existing barriers in the culture.

From the article below....

"Free-spirited Soviets and Americans alike however, found it rebellious, as the artists and the people they reached used jazz to protest politics on all sides. It was the people’s music, belonging to everyone and no one at the same time."

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