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The CLASH: Agendas & Weaponized Culture

I believe there is an agenda at work in the system in which we live which will always say: 'YOU DO THIS OR WE WON'T SUPPORT YOU'."-Vince White

"People like to think that they're free, that their music is real, that it's real culture, that it comes from the street, and blah, blah de blah. But the fact is, it doesn't."-Vince White

The following are excerpts of interviews conducted in 2010 with Vince White, one of the guitarists recruited by The Clash to replace Mick Jones after he was fired from the band in 1983. 

I find Vince White's comments from these interviews even more interesting when taking into account the impact on culture made by The CLASH and that the band were heralded by CBS and in the media as, "the only band that matters". I disagree with some of what he is saying but I think that Mr. White has a perspective that is worth listening to and his first hand insights into the puppetry surrounding punk rock and the media is refreshing to hear, especially from an "insider". 

Do you think that the industry machine's grip over musicians has strengthened over time as it has become more systematised and cunning, or has technology, internet, etc. weakened it?
Of course it's strengthened. The music industry is just one arm of the overall entertainment industry, which is a top-down structure. All technology centralises power and produces systems of uniformity and control. People living in such a system have no choice but to fit in and become products themselves. People like to think that they're free, that their music is real, that it's real culture, that it comes from the street, and blah, blah de blah. But the fact is, it doesn't. Not hip-hop, not nothing. Everything that's successful needs funding and funding comes from above. Just like left wing rebel militias in places like Nicaragua need funding. AK-47s and bullets cost money. You can't go round your neighbourhood with a tin cup and collect enough to put your record at number one. Or take over a government. You need the CIA for that. You want your art to get noticed you need money. It is the system of money which is the controlling factor in society. Who pays the piper, calls the tune. People dance to it. It's really that simple.

In a recent interview you talked about how you don't believe in multiculturalism. But given that The Clash were fullsquare aligned with all that Victoria Park, Rock Against Racism, "black n' white unite" thing, surely you should've seen trouble ahead?
Of course I saw trouble ahead on that front but it never happened. I explain that in my book. I was pleasantly surprised because political issues were hardly ever discussed within the band so I never had to feel compromised in that area. All that was really just put out there for public consumption. Bernie said he was against all that Victoria Park thing. I agree with him on that. Rock Against Racism? Pathetic. Should've been called MUZAK PREACHING TO THE BRAINWASHED. Let's be clear about multiculturalism: I believe a certain amount of immigration is good for a country but an open door policy of the free flow of people and goods across the world is part of an agenda to destroy culture and nations and create a standardised world culture which is not a culture at all but WORLD INC. What I resent is living inside someone else's business plan which hasn't been mine or anyone else's democratic choice. 

Do you find it hilarious that everyone sort of assumed that, by being young and punk, you'd have orthodox socialist/leftist views, when in fact you were nothing of the sort? There's nothing funny about the fact that people are so utterly indoctrinated and have lost their individuality to the point where they can't think for themselves at all and insist on measuring each other by the rules of thumb that are given to them. It's so degrading and disheartening.

You have a lot of scorn for Clash fans. Do you think the nature of fanhood is stupidity?
Totally stupid. Fanhood is for girls. Music, art, literature or whatever should serve as an inspiration. That's its proper place and function. It should stimulate your imagination and get you out doing something of your own. That's really what was good about punk rock. But you see, Clash fans are a serious bunch of true believers. And a true believer will believe anything they're told and that's why most of them are of the liberal lefty politically correct variety who think truth is a product of a consensus opinion because that's what they've been led to believe by their Marxist professors at the university they went to. They HATE punk. It's a grubby, dirty word to them despite the fact that the Clash was originally a punk band. They want something elevated and intelligent and expert that they can slavishly kneel to. You should never put anyone's head above your own. What people worship is an image. In a technological society images are all that people have. They don't know the real people they worship. It's just something they're given that they want to believe in. Like when Princess Diana died. I was driving past Hyde Park back then and saw a mountain of fucking flowers and people everywhere crying and that and thought "WHAT THE FUCK?!" People getting all upset about an image they only ever saw on the TV and in the newspapers? It's unreal. 

The Clash are viewed as fiercely socialist. How sincere were these beliefs?
Socialism is the means by which the financial oligarchy can subvert the minds of the populace and control them. It's that fucking simple. A child of 7 could get this. Only most people are so wedded into the system and will ignore the facts in favor of their own personal gain. Socialism is the death of the human race. 

And I'm not fucking joking and let me just say I don't like the Chinese. I don't like their fat ugly faces. I wish they'd fucking fuck off. There are hundreds of these cunts in Portobello Road these days, where I live. That's another thing the Clash promoted: multiculturalism. I don't buy it. I'm English and I don't like foreigners. Why are aliens allowed to flood in here? 

Britain and the United States are the greatest countries to have ever existed in human history and now it's downhill for all of us from here on out. The New World Order is an open door policy. Globalism. Our culture is being destroyed by immigration. We're finished. By that, I mean the human race is finished because the only hope for mankind is the Judeo-Christian ethic. Everything else, including Islam, Buddhism, Marxism., etc is total fucking shit.

By making socialism Punk, do you think The Clash were successful in selling socialist ideology to Western youth?
 I think they just reinforced what was already there. Leftist ideology was so prevalent at that time. If, like me, you didn't approve of leftist ideas you were immediately branded a fascist. The Clash simply jumped on that bandwagon to become successful. But whether there's more to it is hard to say. But for sure, Joe Strummer's daddy wasn't a bank robber. He was a British diplomat. He worked for the British government. I heard Mick's father was in the SAS. Paul's family were members of the Communist party.... 

What would you say to people who believe 'the cream always rises to the top' in the entertainment industry?
There are certain aspects of performing like singing ability and songwriting and a general human spirit which are necessary to be successful. Unfortunately, apart from that, I believe there is an agenda at work in the system in which we live which will always say: 'YOU DO THIS OR WE WON'T SUPPORT YOU'.

Here's a plug for the book authored by Vince White about his experience with The CLASH: 

Hopefully that plug aids in my efforts of securing an interview with Mr. White. 

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