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Observational thoughts on mainstream culture and Punk culture, in the promotion of "Freedom" through SEX

A common thing we always hear about is protecting our so called rights and freedoms. But what do most people in the current U.S. talk about on the subject of their freedom? Certainly not the trampled upon right to travel. Not our dozens of enslaving taxes, taken by threat of death. Definitely not about our constant bombardment of deceptive propaganda. I don't usually hear people point out that the government and business/financial elite are one in the same. Yet "our freedom" is a popular phrase that is suppose to remind us why the U.S. is such a wonderful place. So what freedom is it that is always being referenced?

In mainstream culture the topic of freedom usually is discussed along side topics like your choice of church, where you choose to live, of course freedom to "express yourself" by the way you dress and style your body (those things are usually suggested to you through media, but still, it's expressive, right). Sometimes it refers to the freedom to say whatever you want, without limits. Other times it's to silence those who may say something that offends certain people, I suppose because it's an infringement on the effendi's freedom to not be offended!

But what I'm leading up to is what seems to be constant focus on sexual freedom. I'll first say that, I do believe in sexual freedom. I feel people should be able to make up their own mind when it comes to who they have sex with and how they have sex, unfortunately its very clear to me in this day in age, sexuality is kind of like how you decorate your body, it's another thing that is often suggested to us, mainly through media.

Punk culture [as the rest of mainstream culture] is strongly focused on sexual freedom. Punk songs often preach the idea of being your own person and making your own choices, and not letting anyone infringe on your freedom. But are those choices people make actually well thought out? Are they by means of ones own self initiative or a natural inclination? Or have they been suggested and embedded deep into our minds? For a long time now Punk along with the rest of mainstream culture seems to usually deliver the message that freedom is first and foremost about sexuality. Most often completely abnormal sexuality, that defies the simple and traditional role sex always seemed to play. I believe in the past sex was commonly considered a way to express love and experience a pleasurable bonding with a person that you connect with, for the ultimate goal of creating a family together.

Having a close and strong family is actually a great means to achieve self reliance and thus independence or freedom from an oppressor. Not a 20th century nuclear family that's been propagandized by an electronic screen, that's demonstrating warped embeds, telling people how to behave. But a real multi generational highly functional family that keeps strong bonds and takes care of each other and its community. This type of family has been so pushed out that it seems generally people are hardly even aware that it did exist at one time (and arguably still does in a some places).

The various Punk ethos are centered on indulgence, partying, recklessness, poorly reasoned political positions and theories that have been handed down by the same establishment that Punk cries out against. The idea of combating an oppressive state, or a flawed society, through massive efforts of people establishing real families and communities that could ignore the establishment, would most likely be laughed at by the average person. That despite it being the exact type of situation that could actually cause great disruption and threaten the power of the system as we know it. As someone who is extremely familiar with Punk culture, generally speaking it seems to breed plenty of prolonged [if not permanent] adolescents and debased lifestyles. From my experience the majority of people who are heavily involved in Punk culture, stick to that promoted life style, and the idea of a strong, healthy, determined family structure as a means to oppose the ills around us could never be imagined by Punks.

Accepting everything as normal, and really the encouragement of bizarre life styles is a big part of what punk seems to represent. If family is ever promoted its usually some idea of a "modern" family to say the least. Whether political punk or nihilistic punk there is a common sentiment that seems to work against the idea of having a traditional family. Looking at the people I know from punk culture, family is the last thing anyone is thinking about.

Fat Mike of NOFX, founder of Fat Wreck Chords and Punk Voter is well known for his party antics and his S&M lifestyle. In the recent NOFX biography he talks about his long hidden passion for dressing as a women. He's in good company being that his label is home to the band Against Me! who's singer Tom Gabel now named Laura Jane Grace had a very public revealing of his gender dysphoria. (On a side note Grace is still attracted to women and was in a relationship with a young musician named Cœur De Pirate who came out as a lesbian in response to the Pulse Night Club event in Orlando).

Laura Jane Grace
Tom Gabel aka Laura Jane Grace

Keith "Mina" Caputo-Life of Agony

Mina Caputo

Image result for genesis p orridge before and after
Genesis P-Orridge with Throbbing Gristle.jpg
Genesis P Orridge (early days above vs current days below)

Both Fat Mike and Grace have been at times married with children, but clearly it didn't work out. It's seems note worthy to point out that Fat Mike has a bachelor's degree in Social Science and a minor in Human Sexuality from San Fransisco State (who'd of guessed). At this ironic time of the popularizing of trans-gender, transsexual, trans-fluid people into the culture, Mike has apparently felt he should 'come out', claiming he held back his passions for years. He married his dominatrix in Jan 2017, while he dressed the part of a bride and she dressed the part of a groom.

One of the few early political themed NOFX songs was called Vanilla Sex, a protest song from the album S&M Airlines, that champions ones freedom to pornography and freedom to have sex in the manner you choose. Yes Fat Mike until somewhat recently was too intimidated to be known as a man that dresses like a women, yet over 20 years ago he was proud to write songs about other parts of his non traditional sexuality, his taste for pornography, and his clearly seen tattoo of a dominatrix, but only now has he mustered up the courage to come out as a female impersonator, and now he is helping to open the door for others who want to come out. I'm a bit skeptical of how true all that is, but lets assume it is true, and consider what that means. It means this Punk Rock icon (anything goes right), was ashamed for a desire to dress like a female, but for decades he was not ashamed to have a public image well known for all types of sexual exploits and banter about his sexuality. Seems unlikely to me, could there be more to it?

Sex is a common place part of life. I imagine most people have certain sexual things they're into for sexual activity and other things they're not. From things silly, odd, extreme, painful, disgusting, taboo, boring, its a rangy activity and I doubt that's new. That said, why is it now so openly being discussed? What purpose does it serve? It seems to be more and more of a hot topic, for an ever younger audience and with more graphic detail and more bizarre subliminal instruction to all. Some may argue that sexuality was too uptight in generations past, and maybe it was, but is an over saturation of every type of sex imagined any better? Is a lack of modesty with your sexuality a demonstration of freedom? Is being able to film yourself involved in sex acts and then post it on the Internet proof of being a free human? I hope not, but sadly this is what people are being taught.

I have nothing against individuals that feel they're born "in the wrong body", and I'm sure people do struggle with these sorts of feelings. I'm definitely not convinced that everyone in the spot light, who claims this affliction are truly sincere, but instead might be playing a role offered to them. But why? Well in order to get people on board with something that was once an abnormal, anomaly that ultimately fell into a category of mental disorder, it's being retaught that such things are completely normal and much more common than we ever knew. Masses of people are made aware that this is a common, normal thing. It puts the suggestion in impressionable minds; that might already have been damaged or have brain chemical imbalances. For many others they see it so often in media and probably somewhat in real life, it slowly becomes normal.

People are born with and develop all sorts of mental problems. Some have delusional disorders, where their minds fool them into believing things take place that never did. At this point I think most people still agree that the desire for adults to have sexual relations with children is abnormal and a mental disorder, but I'm not sure how long this will be the case. People who want to change their gender are suffering from a mental disorder as well, but it has now been re-branded as a normal and harmless matter of life. People who have these mental issues shouldn't be mistreated, but it can only be in efforts to harm the over all population, that any of these things would be shown to us a normal way of life.

As we've brought up in various parts of this research into Punk, many of the earliest Punks and fathers to the punk culture are known for their abnormal hyper sexual indulgence. Just as some examples William Boroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Malcolm McLearin, Iggy Pop, Kim Fowley... all of these people are well known for their influential roles in punk culture at the same time are well known for their sexual indulgence and the promotion of it. The Walton Hop in England was a popular Rock/Punk hangout, it's become known that older men would go there to find boys to pick up. The early LA Punk scene, had a club run by Rodney Bingenheimer called the English Disco/E Club another known safe place for adults wanting to have sex with the never lacking minors hanging out. Steve Blush the author of American Hardcore claimed he was aware of the same activity going on in Punk Rock clubs in New York.

The constant advertising of sex whether knowing or unknowingly is serving a conscious effort to hyper sexualize as many people as possible in the general population, this is undeniable in my opinion. 

Sex and sexuality is a constant thing being drilled into peoples minds. But marriage/truly committed relationships, and having functional families is always on the decline. People are having more sex, with as many different partners as possible. Abortion is an easy fix to any accidents that may come from the promiscuity. Infinite pornography is available and made easier to access than ever, and many apparently are content with this in place of a relationship. Seems like this is all working in accord with a plan. Punk culture is right up there in promoting that plan. So in disgust and confusion to that fact, I'll quote the band The Unseen, "So this is freedom?"

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