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David Bowie: Charles Manson & The Real Major Tom

Tom V Ayres was born and was raised in Oil City, LA, in the Sabine Parish. Tom recieved in 1955 an Honorable Discharge from U.S. Army-Special Forces 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team (Red Devils), and he settled in California. In 1958 he received a business degree from University of California (Berkley). By 1961 Tom was the owner of three record stores. In 1962 Tom was Staff Producer at Dot Records, RCA, United Artists, Kama Sutra, Budda, and CBS.He worked for a variety of record companies through the 1960s and early 1970s, notably the Columbia, Capitol, Mercury, Epic, MCA, Phillips, Smash, Posh Boy-Magnum Force and Donna-Del-Fi labels. Ayres won an  "Emmy Award" for "Jack and the Beanstalk" on NBC and he is credited as the creator of first pop music video back in 1965, "Pebbles and Bam-Bam" for first network animated prime time series "the Flintstones" with "Open up Your Heart (and let the sun shine in). Ayres also produced T.V. Commercials for American Airlines, Dodge Motors, Kellogs, Vox, Welchs. 

Tom V Ayres produced a song for Rodney Bingenheimer's album, Rodney On The Roq: Volume 2, considered a classic Punk Comp. Featuring: Social Distortion, Shattered Faith, Black Flag, Minutemen, Redd Kross, CH3, and Agent Orange  

In 1970 Ayres was involved in signing to RCA Records and planning the career of David Bowie as well as introducing him to an American audience. “David Bowie gives credit to Tom as the man who brought him to RCA Records”, said Rodney Bingenheimer, a Los Angeles radio personality and Ayres’ partner in the 1970s-era attraction Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco. Ayres’ role in Bowie’s career also was noted in the biography “Stardust: The David Bowie Story,” which recounted a time when Bowie lived with Ayres in a mansion previously owned by actresses Lillian and Dorothy Gish. 

It was at his luxury Los Angeles home that Bowie stayed in February 1971 on his first trip to the U.S.  At that time both Ayres and DJ Rodney Bingenheimer recalled watching Bowie scribbling lyrics to a new song of his called "Hang Onto Yourself". Bowie explained that he was writing about an imaginary character called "Ziggy Stardust". Ayres also is widely regarded as the “Major Tom” referred to by Bowie in “Space Oddity".  There are audio bootlegs of Bowie playing acoustic versions of ‘After All’ and ‘All The Madmen’ on the floor of Ayres’ Hollywood Hills living room. 

Tom of course, was also co-founder-owner of the famous "Rodney Binginheimer's English Disco in Hollywood, California. In late 1971 music industry publicist Rodney Bingenheimer moved to London after becoming fed up with the American music industry. While in England he saw the birth of the glam rock movement and David Bowie suggested that Bingenheimer open a glam club in Los Angeles. In October 1972 he and his record producer partner Tom Ayers opened the E Club on Sunset Boulevard. In late December they moved the club further down the strip to 7561 Sunset Boulevard with the new name, Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco. Kim Fowley later recalled, "The English Disco was more a public-toilet version of the E Club. The new location gave it the teenage stench it needed. Everybody had great hair and great make-up, and there were Lolita girls everywhere. People worked at it." It soon became the center of the new glitter rock movement in Los Angeles. Bowie's biography noted, "The crowd at the club ranged in age from twelve to fifteen... nymphet groupies were stars in their tight little world. Some dressed like Shirley Temple; others wore dominatrix outfits or 'Hollywood underwear,' a knee-length shirt, nylon stockings, and garter belts. These stargirls streaked their hair chartreuse and like to lift their skirts to display their bare crotches. As they danced they mimed fellatio and cunnilingus in tribute to David's onstage act of fellatio on Ronno's guitar."

Newsweek magazine reported in January 1974 that "The dance floor is a dizzy kaleidoscope of lamè hotpants, sequined halters, rhinestone-studded cheeks, thrift-store anythings and see-through everythings. During the breaks, 14-year-old girls on 6-inch platforms teeter into the back bathrooms to grope with their partners of the moment. Most of the sex is as mixed as the drinks and the drugs the kids bring with them." For more on E Club:

Toms mother,Bonnie Marie Dowden Ayres Hicks was employed in numerous hospitals, including the Veterans Hospital in North Little Rock, the Brentwood Hospital in Shreveport, La., and at Camarillo State Hospital in Camarillo, Calif., where she was head psychiatric nurse and worked with women who had been part of the Charles Manson "family" of sociopaths.

"Manson Family" member, Steve "Clem" Grogan, In June of 1969 was arrested for exposing his penis to a group of school children who were 4-5 years old. He stated to the arresting officers, "The kids wanted me to". He was sentenced to a 90-day observation period at Camarillo State Mental Hospital, but walked out and returned to Spahn's Ranch 2 days later. 

Another person of interest around Camarillo State Hospital was Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West. He was an American psychiatrist that was affiliated with the MK Ultra program whose work focused particularly on cases where subjects were "taken to the limits of human experience"

I also found through my research into the genealogy of Tom V. Ayres that he was related to a staff member for Napoleon Bonaparte who possessed a gold statue of his and Napoleon's likenesses. I was also able to link Tom V. Ayres to King George III, German royalty, and a Lord Mayor of London. He is related to Francis Asbary, one of the first two bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States. 

Tom V Ayers is related to Dr John Sibley, Physician, Member of the James Long Expedition (1819-1821), Indian Agent, Louisiana Planter,and Whig Senator (As in POWDRED WIG). He served in the revolutionary war as a surgeons mate. By 1802 he moved to Natchitoches, Louisiana, and in 1804 he began corresponding with President Thomas Jefferson who authorized him to make treaties with tribes in the territory ceded by Spain. From 1805 to 1814, he was an indian agent of Orleans territory and the region south of the Arkansas River. After his career as an indian agent, he entered local politics, joined the militia, became a parish judge, and a member of the Louisiana Senate. His son was Confederate Army brigadier General Henry Hopkins Sibley. 

Henry Rollins Produced an Unheard Charles Manson Album in the 80's

FEAR POWER GOD-Charles Manson, Jello Biafra, Anton Levay, Allen Ginsberg, Henry Rollins,

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