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New Wave Theater


New Wave Theatre was a television program broadcast locally in the Los Angeles area on UHF channel 18 and eventually on the USA Network as part of the late night variety show Night Flight during the early 1980s.[1][2]
The show was created and produced by David Jove, who also wrote the program with Billboard magazine editor Ed Ochs. It was noted for showcasing rising punk and new wave acts, including Bad Religion, Fear, the Dead Kennedys, 45 Grave, The Angry Samoans and The Circle Jerks.

Peter Scott Ivers (September 20, 1946 – March 3, 1983) was an American musician, songwriter and television host.[1] He is perhaps best known as the host of the experimental music television show New Wave Theatre.
 Peter Ivers, a Harvard-educated musician with a gregarious personality and a flair for the theatric, was the host for the entire run of the show. The format was extremely loose, owing partly to the desire to maintain the raw energy of the live performances and partly to the limited production budget. The program was presented in a format dubbed "live taped", in which the action was shot live and the video was then interspliced with video clips, photos, and graphics of everything from an exploding atomic bomb to a woman wringing a chicken's neck.
Ivers' primary instrument was the harmonica, and at a concert in 1968, Muddy Waters referred to him as "the greatest harp player alive."[2] Ivers was signed by Van Dyke Parks and Lenny Waronker to a $100,000 contract as a solo artist with Warner Bros. Records in the early 1970s; his albums Terminal Love and Peter Ivers were commercial flops, but would eventually come to be well-regarded by music journalists.[3] Ivers scored the 1977 David Lynch film Eraserhead, and also contributed the song "In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)" to the soundtrack.[4] He opened for Fleetwood Mac in 1976, and wrote songs that would go on to be recorded by Diana Ross and The Pointer Sisters.[
Ivers was murdered in 1983 under mysterious circumstances; the crime remains unsolved. Following the publication of a 2008 biography on Ivers, the LAPD re-opened the investigation into his death.

In 1976, Ivers was asked by David Lynch to write a song for his movie, Eraserhead. Ivers penned "In Heaven (The Lady in the Radiator Song)", which became the most well-known composition from the film. He also scored the Ron Howard film Grand Theft Auto the following year. In 1979 he scored the fifth episode of the first season of B. J. and the Bear.
In 1977, Ivers produced a Synth-Pop / Disco album for Roderick Falconer titled Victory in Rock City.
Ivers' best friend was Harvard classmate Douglas Kenney, founder of the National Lampoon. Ivers played "Beautiful Dreamer" on the harmonica at Kenney's funeral. Ivers was also close friends with John Belushi who likewise preceded him in death.
In 1981, Ivers produced the Circus Mort EP featuring Swans front man Michael Gira and avant-garde drummer Jonathan Kane. 1981 also found Ivers tapped by David Jove to host New Wave Theatre on Los Angeles TV station KSCI which was shown irregularly as part of the weekend program Night Flight on the fledgling USA Network. The program was a frantic cacophony of music, theater and comedy, lorded over by Ivers with his manic presentation. Using a method of filming known as "live taped", the show was the first opportunity for many alternative musicians to receive nationwide exposure. Notable bands who appeared on the show included The Angry Samoans, Dead Kennedys, 45 Grave, Fear, Suburban Lawns and The Plugz.
Ivers dated film executive Lucy Fisher for many years.[5] Fisher would later become a vice president at Warner Bros., supervising films like Men in Black and Jerry Maguire.[7]

On March 3, 1983, Peter Ivers was found bludgeoned to death with a hammer in his Los Angeles loft space apartment. The murderer was never identified.[5]
In the hours following his death, the LAPD officers sent to Ivers' house failed to secure the scene, allowing many of Ivers friends and acquaintances to traffic through the loft space. The scene was contaminated, and officers even allowed David Jove to leave with the blood-stained blankets from Ivers' bed.[8] Harold Ramis was briefly considered a suspect in the murder (due to Ivers' close relationship with Harold's wife Ann), but was quickly cleared after he was able to establish an alibi.
Several of Ivers friends told biographer Josh Frank that they suspected David Jove, with whom the musician had a sometimes-contentious relationship. Harold Ramis noted, "As I grew to know David a little better, it just accumulated, all the clues and evidence just made me think he was capable of anything. I couldn't say with certainty that he'd done anything, but of all the people I knew, he was the one person I couldn't rule out."[9] However, Derf Scratch (of the band Fear) and several other members of the Los Angeles punk and New Wave scene have maintained Jove's innocence.[10]
About five weeks after the murder, Lucy Fisher paid for a private investigator named David Charbonneau to focus on the crime. Charbonneau interviewed a number people who knew Ivers, but due to the botched initial investigation, lack of evidence and lack of witnesses, the case eventually stalled out. Charbonneau stated: "I do not believe it was a break-in. I do not believe it was just someone off the street that Peter brought in because he was a nice guy that night and fell asleep trusting them. I'm not buying it."

David Jove (December 14, 1942 – September 26, 2004), born David Sniderman, was a Canadian director, producer, and writer, particularly of underground and alternative music-themed films.[1] After spending the mid-1960s in London He reputedly became acquainted with the Rolling Stones' circle of friends and calling himself "Acid King Dave" allegedly participated in a government drug set-up of Jagger and Richards, resulting in the infamous 'Redlands' bust.[2] Later he moved to Los Angeles, where he would be based for the rest of his life.
He may have been best known as the creator of the early 1980s music program, New Wave Theatre, which gained notoriety in the early days of cable television. It was shown as part of USA Network's late night weekend variety show, Night Flight hosted by Peter Ivers.
"New Wave Theatre" was co-written by longtime Jove collaborator and former Billboard editor Ed Ochs, who also wrote the liner notes to Jove's two records, "Sweeter Song" and "Into the Shrine" (co-writing "Never Say Never" on "Shrine"). Ochs also co-wrote Jove's only feature film, "Stranger Than Love" (originally "I Married My Mom!"), and, with Jove, formed one half of Oxygen, a studio band which fused rock and disco and in 1979 recorded an EP of six original Jove/Ochs songs, "The Bones of Hollywood".
Jove met music video producer Paul Flattery at a 1983 New York Billboard Video conference and formed an association which resulted in the music video "Stop In The Name Of Love" for the reformed English band The Hollies, with Graham Nash and the TV show "The Top," which came about after Peter Ivers' murder.
In the immediate aftermath of Iver's killing, Jove was offered help by producer/director/writer Harold Ramis, a friend of Ivers, and together with Flattery, created and made "The Top" for KTLA.
The show was a mixture of live music, videos and humor.
Performers on the series include such artists as Cyndi Lauper, who performed "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and "True Colors," The Hollies performed "Stop In The Name Of Love" and The Romantics performed "Talking In Your Sleep" and "What I Like About You".
Guest stars included Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. The host was Chevy Chase, who - dressed as a "punk" of the era—got into a physical altercation with an audience member during the opening monologue. He immediately left the taping.
The producers then got Andy Kaufman to fill in for Chase and recorded the host segments at a separate, later, session. It was to be the last professional appearance by Andy Kaufman before his death.

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David Crosby on Punk: Velvet Underground, Talking Heads All Dumb Stuff

From the Article....

Today was huge for fans of David Crosby’s Twitter account: so rife with twists and turns that it was hard to pinpoint the true gem of the day (as of the time of this writing, he’s still raging, too). But at the center of his quote-tweeted discourse this afternoon was “punk rock,” a musical genre which David Crosby seems to define broadly. Today, he clearly stated his assessment of this strata of popular music once and for all, even throwing The Velvet Underground and Talking Heads under the bus along with The Damned and The Ramones....Continued at

In other Tweets Crosby has noted that Husker Du' s cover of Eight Miles High "Didn't get Me".

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Tom Tom Club's As Above So Below

Tom Tom Club is an American new waveband founded in 1981 by husband-and-wife team Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, both also known for being members of Talking Heads.[1] Their best known hits include "Wordy Rappinghood," "Genius of Love," and acover of The Drifters' "Under the Boardwalk," all released on their 1981 debut album Tom Tom Club.

As Above So Below

Hold the symbol to your forehead
Close your eyes
Call the spirit of the symbol
Come to me
Call the symbols of the golden age
One by one
Call the water, fire, air and earth
Come to me
As above, so below
As above, so below
As above, so below
As above, so below
Behold the door appears before you
Walk on through
Observe the doorway now behind you
Look ahead
Call the spirit of the symbol
Come to me
Allow the deity to guide you
Follow me
As above, so below
As above, so below
As above, so below
As above, so below
A web of thought; of tangled vision
Tear away the veil before me
Set me free
Tales to picture that you give to me
Tear away the minds that bind me

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Audio Recording: HBC Special Report: Untold History of Punk Rock 10-The Four Horses Asses Saddle Up

Audio Recording: 'HBC Special Report-UHOPR 10-The Four Horses A...' From 'Hoax Busters: Conspiracy ...': HBC Special Report-UHOPR 10-The Four Horses Asses Saddle Up

I couldn't get the audio to embed but Chris has it on his post, HERE

 In this episode of the Untold History of Punk Rock, Richdstroi, Kyle
Mason, Nino Tueheneaux, John Adams(The Four Horses Asses of the
Apocalypse) and Chris Kendall, discuss-Harley Flanagan, The Cromags, Lee
Harvey Oswald, Robert Anton Wilson, Disordianism, Whitier California,
Skinheads, American History X, Nazi Symbolism, Planned Parenthood,
Kerista Utopian Community,Abacus Computers, Joan Jett, Heavens Gate
Cult, The Anarchist Cookbook, William Powell, Poor Mans James Bond, Kool
A.D., Claire Sterling, H.L. Hunt, St. John Hunt, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix,
Ian MacKaye, Fear on Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, Al Jourgensen,
Pale Head, Gibby Haynes, Johnny Depp, Flea, Timothy Leary, Philip K
Dick, Ancient Aliens, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Rick Rubin, Bob Rock, The
Mansion (recording studio), Love and Rockets, Maynard James Keenan, The
Americans, Oppo Research, Russia, Goodnight Alt-right(Music Video),
Edwin Meese, Jeff Nelson.

Intro Music: Four Horsemen by the Clash

Outro Music: The Four Horsemen Theme Song (WCW), Octopus by Kool A.D.

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Masonic Youth on Our Interesting Times with Tim Kelly

I had a discussion recently with Mr. Kelly on his podcast, Our Interesting Times about my research into the Altschul family. We discussed the extent of the family's role in the media and their work to manipulate cultures as I evidenced in the post, Altschul: 100 Years of Propaganda And Monetary Dominance.

Kyle Mason on Propaganda 

and Monetary Dominance

Kyle Mason of the Four Horses Asses of the Apocalypse blog joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his posting "Altschul: 100 Years of Propaganda And Monetary Dominance." We talk about the Altschul family and how their connections to banking, finance, politics and media illustrates the oligarchic control of society.

U.N. Origins of Anarchist Cookbook

William Powell Jr, The author of the Anarchist Cookbook is the son of a United Nations press officer and founder of the U.N. 
The Anarchist Cookbook, first published in 1971, is a book that contains instructions for the manufacture of explosives, rudimentary telecommunications phreaking devices, and other items. The book also includes instructions for home manufacturing of illicit drugs, including LSD. It was written by William Powell at the apex of the counterculture era. His book has been reported to us to have been found in the possession of many alleged perpetrators of major "attacks".

William Ralph Powell(Author of Anarchist Cookbook) was born on Long Island, in Roslyn, on Dec. 6, 1949. His father, William Charles Powell, was a press officer at the United Nations; his mother, the former Doreen Newman, ran a phobia clinic at a hospital in White Plains.

He (William Ralph Powell Jr. author of A.C.) left the country in 1979, bouncing around the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, working as a teacher and administrator in a series of State Department–backed private schools. He wrote more books, about pedagogy and professional development. And he gained a reputation for—wait for it—conflict resolution. He rose through the ranks to attain top positions in schools packed with children of the international elite in Dar es Salaam, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur.

William Powell; Ex-Media Voice for U.N.

UNITED NATIONS — William Powell Sr., was the media voice for the United Nations during the reigns of Kurt Waldheim and U Thant and a member of the staff that organized the first U.N. meetings in London in 1945.

Powell served as spokesman for both Secretaries-General Thant and Waldheim and also had been director of the Press and Publications Division of the U.N. Office of Public Information.
Powell, who earned a doctorate of philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, was a college professor and Navy war veteran when he was chosen to help prepare the agenda of the first U.N. General Assembly at Church House, London. He joined the permanent U.N. staff in 1946 and from 1953 to 1959 was the organization's press representative in London.

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Jeff Nelson Remembers "Meese is a Pig!"

From the Article....

Eventually, the authorities caught up with Nelson. While he was waiting for a court date, he decided to move from secret postering to t-shirt sales: "It ended up becoming a very successful campaign in itself. At one point, a bicycle messenger named Christopher Stalvey was denied access to the Justice Department for wearing one of these shirts, and the ACLU then threatened to sue the Justice Department for its policy regarding the shirt. Everyone was convinced we had engineered the whole thing, but we had nothing to do with it—the whole thing had a life of its own at that point. I ended up selling about 6,000 of the t-shirts, which more than paid for the thousands I’d spent on paper, ink, rollers, and wheat paste, and helped pay for some of my first proper printing equipment." 

Last year, an example of one of Nelson's posters appeared in a Corcoran museum exhibit of Washington vernacular art


U.N. Origins of Anarchist Cookbook

William Powell Jr, The author of the Anarchist Cookbook is the son of a United Nations press officer and founder of the U.N.  The An...